Friday, July 3, 2020

The baby's hair is scarce because these two things are not done well!

Many mothers found that after giving birth to a child, the child's scalp was bare, with only a few sparse hairs. So I feel very sorry for finding some treatments for hair everywhere. Some parents also privately help their mothers and ask what is going on. Is it normal for newborn baldness?

Is neonatal baldness normal?

Newborn baldness is a normal phenomenon, and there is no need to regret it or any treatment. In fact, when a baby is born, there is a difference in the amount of hair. Under normal circumstances, when the fetus develops in the mother's uterus to 5-6 months, there will be dense fetal hairs throughout the body, which will gradually fall off. If the fetal hairs fall off too much, the hair will appear scarce at birth, which is called "child baldness". There are also very few fetuses whose fetal hair does not fall out. Not only is hair thicker after birth, but also a lot of sweat on the whole body. This is a phenomenon of "hair children".

The phenomenon of "child baldness" is a temporary phenomenon, which is a normal change in development. When the child is about 1 year old, the child's hair will gradually grow, and when it is about 2 years old, the hair will be as thick as the average baby . In the future, there will not be repeated and fall off. Therefore, for the phenomenon of baldness of newborn babies, there is no need for mothers to take any treatment measures, such as applying various kinds of hair essence and hair to the child. In addition, these things are also very unsuitable for baby's delicate skin.

How to effectively care for newborn baldness?

1. Keep newborn hair clean

Moms should keep their baby's hair clean and wash their baby's hair frequently. When washing your baby's hair, you should gently massage your baby's scalp, do not rub the baby's hair, so as not to entangle the baby's hair. In addition, when washing your baby's hair, you should choose a baby-specific shampoo. After washing, rinse gently with water.

2. Supplement your baby with adequate nutrition

Mothers should pay attention to provide adequate nutrition for newborns in normal times. Only in this way can babies have enough energy to develop. Under normal circumstances, most babies with baldness will start to grow their hair around 1 year old. By the time they are around 2 years old, they will have thick and thick hair.

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