Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The baby was born in these time periods of the year. Luckily, your baby is "blessed"

During the year, if your baby is born in these time periods, it can be said to be very lucky, because your baby is "blessed".

Spring and autumn, all aspects are "very blessed"

It can be said that babies with a due date in the spring are very blessed, because this season itself has a great advantage. First of all, the weather is definitely no problem. It is not cold or hot. After the baby is born, the family can care less. We know that when a newborn baby is born, the resistance in all aspects will be relatively poor. If the weather is not suitable, if it is cold or hot, the baby will be easily sick, but it will not be the case in spring. Secondly, for the parturient, confinement in spring is also very advantageous, neither cold nor hot, not worried about blowing cold, nor worrying about being too hot. And babies born in the spring are also very dominant when they enter school, whether it is the policy that they can go to kindergarten before the age of 3 before September, or can go to primary school in September when they are 6 years old. These restrictions on time It’s no problem for a child born.

The same is true for babies born in the fall. There may be advantages over babies born in the spring in terms of school time, but the nursing is also very good. When the baby was born, the summer passed and the temperature was more suitable. When the winter came, the baby was almost At the age of months, their immunity and resistance to diseases have also increased a lot. When faced with cold weather, the baby will not get used to it because it is too sudden.

So, in one year, if your baby is born in the two periods of spring and autumn, congratulations, the baby is "very blessed", Baomao confinement will also suffer less, if your baby is in these two It was lucky to be born in this time period.

Bao Dad is not busy at work, he can accompany him at any time, and take paternity leave at any time

Many jobs now provide men with one month of paternity leave, but because of the different nature of the work, some men have paternity leave, but if the wife’s time to give birth to the baby happens to be when the unit is busy, it may take time off Is more passive. On the contrary, if the baby was born, the work of Bao Dad was not very busy. At this time, it is more convenient to ask for paternity leave. Even after the paternity leave, sometimes when the family needs help, Bao Dao is not difficult to ask for leave. If so, It can be said that the time when the baby is born is "appropriate".

We all know that when a baby is just born, it is often when the family is at its busiest. On the one hand, the baby needs to be looked after, on the other hand, Baoma has many confinements, and some Baoma’s moods fluctuate after childbirth. It will also be relatively large, at this time the role played by Bao Dao is very important. If Bao dad is too busy to work, he can't take care of his wife and baby, it's bad. So it’s also a blessing to say that the baby was born during a year when Dad was not busy.

When was your baby born? When you started getting pregnant, did you roughly calculate the month of your baby's birth? If your baby is born in these time periods of the year, fortunately, your baby is "blessed".

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