Friday, July 3, 2020

The baby has this kind of performance after waking up. Emotional intelligence is high

After the child wakes up, what are the two performances that indicate that he is being taken care of well?

1. After waking up, you will laugh at the people around you

Under normal circumstances, as long as the child is not well rested, then the baby that is usually taken care of by the mother will smile at the people around him after waking up. But don't think the child's smile is very general, this smile can reflect many problems. First of all, this is a very friendly performance, which shows that the child is telling the people around him that he is well taken care of, and he is very happy both physically and psychologically.

Secondly, the child's laugh is also conveying a message that the person who is looking after him gives him enough security. Therefore, after the child wakes up, the child will not feel uneasy because of fear or tension. At the same time, the child's mood is pleasant, and he is also full of love for the people around him and the surrounding environment.

2. After waking up, you will play quietly yourself

When some children wake up, when they see that their mother is not by their side, they will cry and make trouble, looking for their mother, no matter how people around them coax, the child can't stop. Some mothers may mistakenly think that the child's behavior is too sticky to him, but in fact, it is not the same. This shows that when mothers take care of their children, there are some problems, but you don't realize it. Such mothers need to reflect on themselves.

On the contrary, after waking up, some children don’t cry no matter whether their mother is not around, but play quietly on the bed alone. It is a very good phenomenon when a child has this behavior, which shows that the mother gives the child a sense of security in the process of taking care of the child at ordinary times. Let the children put their guard down on the surrounding environment and others, even if the mother is not present, you can play well by yourself. At the same time, these children can also be said to have very high EQ, they will not easily disturb those around them. If your child is like this, moms are secretly happy!

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