Thursday, July 2, 2020

The baby has these kinds of behaviors after falling asleep, most of them are health problems

After the baby fell asleep, "barking cough

A mother and teacher Gu Yu said such a thing, she has little experience in raising children. Once her baby started to cough at one or two in the morning, just like a puppy barking, but she couldn't cough, but the mother also knew that the baby was very uncomfortable, but she thought that the baby was okay before going to bed, And at this time, the baby coughed but was more drowsy, so she held her baby and coaxed, thinking about seeing the doctor before dawn, when the baby started to have a fever again at four or five o'clock, and the symptoms of cough did not alleviate. The hospital where the family takes the baby.

He went to the hospital and hung up the emergency department. The doctor diagnosed the baby as having acute laryngitis. And the doctor specifically advised that if the baby reappears in the future, he must come to the hospital immediately, otherwise the baby is likely to have difficulty breathing due to throat edema, which may cause breathing difficulties and even accidents.

Acute laryngitis usually occurs after the baby falls asleep at night, and is usually accompanied by fever. Teacher Gu Yu suggested that if you have a baby at home, parents must pay attention. After the baby is asleep, the dog barking cough can not be taken lightly.

After the baby fell asleep "snoring"

Some parents have no experience, and when they hear the baby snoring, they think the baby is sleeping soundly. But I do not know that this is also a disease, if the baby often snoring after falling asleep, the harm is even more serious than adults. Baby snoring is likely to be a problem with the baby's respiratory system. In severe cases, there is a danger of suffocation, because poor rest can also affect the baby's physical development. For parents, the most sensible way is to take the baby to the doctor as soon as possible. This is responsible for the baby.

After the baby falls asleep, the sleeping position changes abnormally

Under normal circumstances, after the baby falls asleep, especially in the light sleep state, it will indeed change the sleeping position back and forth, but if the baby changes the sleeping position very frequently, or even very different from the usual, this may be that the baby is unwell, But the baby didn't speak, or didn't want to speak because it was too sleepy, so he changed the sleeping position to "tell" the adult.

When this happens, it is likely that the baby has accumulated food in the belly, and the belly is swollen, which is why the baby is uncomfortable. Teacher Gu Yu suggested that parents should seek medical treatment as soon as they find that the baby has accumulated food, otherwise the baby's stomach will be uncomfortable, and the appetite will be affected.

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