Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The baby has these 4 kinds of performances, it is time to wear underwear, don't be too late!

When the child has any performance, it means that the child can wear small underwear?

1. With the ability to hold back urine

If the mothers find that after changing the diaper for the baby, the baby's diaper has not been wet for about 2-3 hours, which means that the baby has a certain ability to hold urine and can train the baby to the toilet. Too. At this time, mothers can choose to take off their diapers and put on their underwear during the day.

2. Tell parents accurately that they need to pee

Some more sensible children, at a certain age, can accurately tell their mother: "Mom, I want to pee". At this time, mothers can throw away the diapers for their children and put on their underwear.

3. Frequently grab your private parts

If mothers find that their children are always intentionally or unintentionally, they frequently touch their private parts. On the one hand, it is possible that the child feels uncomfortable with his private parts, and there is a possibility that the child has gender awareness and has an understanding of his reproductive organs. At this time, mothers can also wear underwear for their children. .

4. Can walk

When the child learns to walk, mothers should wear underwear for the child. Because the child does not walk very stably when he first starts to walk, and is also prone to walk and bump, accidentally touching something and being injured. Therefore, wearing underwear at this time is not only more hygienic and safe, but also better protects the children's privacy.

When the child has the above performance, the mothers should change their underwear to let the child develop the habit of wearing underwear. When choosing underwear for babies, it is best to choose babies with pure cotton, good breathability, suitable size, and lighter colors, so that the baby is more comfortable to wear.

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