Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The baby fell asleep, and his two legs turned up

Sometimes, the sleeping position of the baby really makes people cry and laugh, and it surprises them.

The first move: surrender

(I have surrendered, so don’t stare at me, let me sleep well)

This should be the most common kind of baby sleeping position. However, why do babies always like to surrender when they sleep on their backs?

The baby lies on his back because the treasure mothers like to let their children fall asleep in this position, which can reduce the pressure on the baby's internal organs and relax the baby's muscles, so it is safer. But why do you like to surrender? Because the baby's body shape is cylindrical, it is easy to reverse the body if the surrender is not used, the face is facing down, and it is easy to suffocate. This posture is actually an instinctive reaction of the baby, and the pediatrician also believes that this is a manifestation of the baby's vitality. So, mothers need not worry too much!

Second trick: prone frog

(I am a "frog" without feelings, don't love me, no results)

The prone sleeping position is actually most similar to the state of the baby in the mother. Moreover, for a baby under the full moon, the prone sleeping position will also be beneficial to the development of the thorax and lungs, thereby promoting the development and maturation of the respiratory system. But if you are not careful, there is a risk of suffocation in this sleeping position, so it is best for parents to pay attention.

In this case, there is another way to sleep with your buttocks. Even if you correct it, he will still lie on his back and then sleep with his buttocks. Parents don’t have to worry. This sleeping position will not only make the baby feel safe, but also Promote gastrointestinal motility and allow baby to digest better.

The third measure: right thinking

(I have a major event in life to think about, don’t bother me)

If the baby adopts this sleeping position, it is relatively safe. If in case of milk return during sleep, the milk will flow out of the mouth along the corner of the mouth, and it is not easy to cause clogging of the mouth and nose.

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