Thursday, July 2, 2020

The 4 obvious characteristics of the baby's calcium deficiency, early detection and early calcium supplementation can not be delayed!

What are the reactions and characteristics of calcium deficiency? The editor summarized four points for everyone.

First: often crying for no reason

Normal babies are either hungry or sleepy when they cry, but do moms know that babies may cry for no reason, and the baby is still not coaxing at this time, this is not because some people say that the baby saw it is not clean s things. We have to explain it scientifically. If we see the baby crying for no reason, it is most likely because the baby lacks calcium or zinc. It is precisely because of the lack of these things in the baby's body. The baby feels weak, but he does not express himself. It can be expressed with strong crying, which attracts the attention of adults.

Second: The baby's activity is delayed after birth

Baomas can compare their babies with other babies, such as their first teething, walking for the first time, looking up for the first time, etc. If these reactions are later than their peers, it indicates that their baby may be Calcium deficiency, the body is not as strong as others.

Third: Little Humpback

If parents find that their baby has hunched over, parents must pay attention to it, which shows that the child has reached a very serious point of calcium deficiency. At this time, it is best to see a doctor to adjust in time, otherwise the child may be affected for a lifetime.

Fourth: sweating at night

It’s winter now. If it’s not sick or exercise, you don’t usually sweat. But if you find your baby’s forehead sweats when she sleeps at night, it may indicate that the baby is lack of calcium. So, the mothers should give calcium to the baby. Only in this way can the baby sleep better.

Babies in their infancy are an important stage of life development. If nutritional deficiencies lead to calcium deficiency at this time, they may lead to baby muscle weakness, mental and immune deficiency, etc. In severe cases, they may even cause convulsions or rickets. The diseases caused by the baby's calcium deficiency may affect the child's life, so the treasure mothers must pay attention to it. How to remedy the baby's calcium deficiency?

If you find that your baby is deficient in calcium, you must add some medicines for calcium supplementation. In addition, you need to match appropriate foods. You can get more sun and vitamins to help calcium absorption. What are the specific calcium supplements and medicines?

Calcium supplement medicines:

The most common is that calcium gluconate and cod liver oil can quickly supplement calcium. The calcium supplements with better effects also include Shendou Kaierxin infant milk calcium soft capsules, calcium plus D calcium tablets, Duwang New Zealand imported milk calcium soft capsules, Amway Nutrilite calcium supplements and so on. After all, it is a drug that is three-point poisoning. When buying, treasure mothers must choose a formal way and fully understand the above drugs and the baby's physical condition before buying.

Calcium supplement foods: This is the best way for babies to supplement calcium. If you can eat some calcium supplements regularly, you can basically reach the standard of calcium supply. Such as dairy products, soy products, vegetables, fish and shrimp, kelp, seaweed and so on. In addition, eating some lemons and citrus also helps calcium absorption.

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