Thursday, July 2, 2020

The 3 most common sequelae of caesarean section

Now that the medical conditions have been met, many mothers will choose a cesarean section. After all, the pain of a cesarean section is much lower than that of a cesarean section, and the cesarean section will make the vagina larger and affect the future life of the couple. It seems that cesarean section really has many advantages, is there no disadvantage at all?

In fact, for women, no matter what method is used, the loss of the body of having a child exists. Therefore, even if you choose to have a caesarean section after avoiding severe pain, there is still a risk. If the conditioning is not good, it will leave sequelae. Today, I helped my mom summarize some common sequelae after cesarean section. If you miss any of them, it means that you have recovered very well.

1. There is a high risk of getting pregnant again after caesarean section

Caesarean section is a production and an operation. It needs to cut Baoma's abdomen and uterus, which will affect Baoma's pregnancy again. Generally, you need to rest for a year or two before you become pregnant again. If the time between re-pregnancy is too close, the incision of the uterine wall has not fully healed. Once you get pregnant early, the gestational sac is easy to attach to the incision marks. If not aborted, it will be dangerous to the life of the fetus.

Second, backache and stomach pain

Many Baoma mothers who have undergone caesarean section will still have stomach pains even after a month of careful care during confinement. I once heard a help mother say that since cesarean section, there are often symptoms of backache. Every morning I will be awakened by this acid. I wake up about the same time every day, and I can't lie down.

And there are also symptoms of stomach pain. If you bend over for a long time, your stomach will feel painful, and you can't even do heavy work. Of course, if you take a good rest, you won't have stomachache. In addition to stomach pain, the wounds left by caesarean section often feel itchy, and the scars left by the key are not good. If you just leave a scar without the symptoms of backache and leg pain, it means that you have responded very well.

Third, affect the uterus

Caesarean section does not affect the vagina, but it does the most damage to the uterus. Imagine that when there was no caesarean section, people had children through shun birth, and there was no such professional pregnancy conditioning doctor at that time, mothers adjusted the body according to the experience left by the older generation, most of them can still recover It's good.

Although the caesarean section is not so painful, it has to bear the risks of anesthesia, bleeding, and postoperative infection. The body recovers much slower than the mother who gave birth. According to the simple conditions in the past, the caesarean section cannot achieve a good recovery. If you want to quickly restore the damage of the cesarean section to the uterus, it is recommended that the mothers swim regularly to promote blood circulation and help restore health.

For many women, sooner or later there will be the day of becoming a mother. If it is not because of special circumstances such as dystocia or huge children, it is generally recommended that Bao mothers choose to give birth. According to research, cesarean delivery stimulates the production of hormones in the mother’s womb and enhances the relationship between the mother and the child. Caesarean section removes the hormone from the uterus because of the direct operation to remove the baby from the womb, which will reduce the intimacy between parents and children .

For a comprehensive comparison, in addition to the less painful cesarean section, breastfeeding is not immediate in many ways. Basically, only the genitals become a big disadvantage, so if it is not a special case, I hope that mothers can choose to give birth.

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