Friday, July 10, 2020

Teach you how to kiss a girl

Falling in love with each other is a beautiful thing. When the relationship between the two is deepening, from holding hands, shopping, and gradually heating up to kissing, kissing is also the best way to promote the relationship between couples. Today I will teach you how to kiss, let's take a look at it together.

Teach you to kiss girls

1. Teach you how to kiss

1. Don't open your mouth too much

When kissing, it is best to start with a simple touch of the lips. When you feel the time is right, you can gently kiss the other party’s lips by tilting her head (45 degree angle) and try not to touch the other party’s teeth. If you touch your teeth, it means that your kissing strength is too strong, and you must kiss gently and gently.

2. Don't push too hard when kissing

When kissing, don’t use too much force to avoid accidentally biting your girlfriend’s lips, so you can’t continue to kiss.

3. Shave the beard before kissing

Before kissing, shave the beard clean so as not to kiss. The beard around the mouth hurts the girl, which also affects the atmosphere.

4. Don't touch your hands

Maybe you think it is romantic to touch each other while kissing. But there is a premise that you feel right. When kissing, you should gently touch your lover's back, upper arms and neck, rather than rubbing her hair rudely.

Teach you kissing

Second, teach you the specific steps to kiss the girl

1. Kiss her for a while

Let her wonder why you don't kiss, then make eye contact, and start the first kiss, take your time. Let her finish kissing you in the last few centimeters and let her do some input.

2. Slowly kiss her lips

Then take a few minutes to kiss her lips with a slow kiss. Never be as anxious as a rabbit race, not romantic at all. I know every man and woman has made such mistakes. After kissing your lips for a while, stop for a while, come back and hug her, or continue other physical contact you are doing.

3. Affectionate Kiss

After a minute, give him another kiss. At this time, slip into a small part of the tongue, just a small part, and see what happened.

Too many men are bad at kissing. This is a really shameful thing. When a girl is kissed in a bad way, her reaction afterwards can be imagined, she will not go deeper with you, master some kissing skills, will make the girl love you more, when she can’t forget you, then It is not difficult to go further.

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