Friday, July 10, 2020

Teach men and beauties to kiss, and get beauties

When a man kisses a beautiful woman, how can they not make the beautiful woman feel disgusted? At this time it is important to master skills. Today, I will share with you the technique of teaching men and women to kiss, how to use this technique to win the hearts of beautiful women.

1. Teach the skills of men and beauties

1. Zhu Lips

In women's consciousness, kissing should be a gradual process. Therefore, you may also enjoy this slow process, gradually opening the lips of the lover, and then continuously expanding the field. Compared with simple, fast and rough, a slow and gentle kiss can more stimulate women's desires.

2. Be cooperative

Some people feel that kissing and touching can enhance the romantic mood of kissing. This is indeed the case, but it requires skill and method to touch, and must not be touched. When kissing, you can gently touch the lover's back, neck, and upper arm. It is best not to rub her hair.

3. Don't rush into rogues

Kissing is a way of expressing love, without letting the other person know your heart without using words. But not every kiss requires a fixed sex life. Therefore, when kissing, you can make your thoughts simpler, don't always think about the "next step" or it will give the other party the feeling of "rogue". Think of kissing as a flavoring agent for two people's emotions, coming from time to time.

4. Enjoy with your eyes closed

Many women close their eyes when kissing. This not only means that the woman has accepted your intimate move, but also that she is feeling the process of kissing. If you open your eyes while kissing, the visual stimulation will weaken your enjoyment of other sensory systems, but not beautiful. In addition, when kissing, the distance between each other will be very close, and the shortcomings between each other will be magnified by you, but the kissing process can not be enjoyed.

5. The technique of tongue kiss

If you want to use a tongue kiss while kissing, you must pay attention to the gentle touch of the tip of the tongue of the two people, not too rough, and do not lick the lover's teeth with your tongue, otherwise it is easy to leave Good impression.

6. Change posture

The kissing process full of rhythm and change is full of fun, and it is also more popular with women. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of kissing and make lovers unable to extricate themselves, we must pay attention to changing posture and speed. If you maintain a posture throughout the kissing process, it will cause oppressive pain and make you uncomfortable.

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