Thursday, July 9, 2020

Symptoms and symptoms of male coldness

Patients with sexual indifference will have symptoms such as depression, irritability, and mood swings, which may cause the work to not proceed smoothly and affect the relationship between the couple. So what are the manifestations of men's coldness? The following is the manifestations of men's coldness, come and see.

1. Male coldness symptoms

1. Low libido

Normal men's response to sexual stimulation is a surge in hormone levels in the body, which in turn manifests as an erection of the penis. A cold man is indifferent to sexual stimulation, let alone a penis.

2. Emotional repetition

Nerve and endocrine systems are closely connected. The decrease of androgen levels leads to a significant decrease in nerve stability. They cannot withstand the small external shocks. They can easily become fragile, irritable, irritable, unconfident, and emotionally disturbed in menopause. The same.

3. Love has no passion

It is said that 99% of men's heads are sex. But the reduction of male hormones, especially testosterone (an important material medium for sexual desire), sex may really be more in his head, and can not be put into action, which directly manifests as cold sex.

4. Hyperlipidemia

Sex hormones are as important to men's blood vessels as sunscreen is to women's skin. Clinical studies have shown that sex hormones can prevent atherosclerosis of blood vessels in men. Testosterone can reduce bad cholesterol (high-density cholesterol) in the blood and reduce blood viscosity. Without it, excessive blood lipids will delay blood flow.

Second, the male cold performance

1. No passion for sex

With reduced testosterone, sex life may really be more in his head than can be put into action.

2. Disease factors

Weakness, overwork, chronic diseases and changes in endocrine function, especially the testosterone's insufficient testosterone secretion, will cause a decrease in libido.

3. Other aspects of cold sex

Some patients with severe coldness do not have symptoms of penile erection. But it is from the heart that women are disgusted. It can be said that they have a homosexual tendency, but they are not homosexual patients. Then the analysis may be due to the relative increase of estrogen in the body, leading to the feminization of men. The other is sexual psychosis, which was instilled with unhealthy sexual knowledge since childhood. For example, his parents educated him that sex was a toothless behavior, or had been sexually abused, and appeared psychologically deformed.

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