Thursday, July 2, 2020

Suddenly breaking water in the third trimester, expectant mother to do this well 20 seconds

Pregnant women, as a high-risk occupation, are really cautious in this pregnancy in October. One carelessness can cause significant harm to yourself and the fetus. Not to mention miscarriage and slippery tires, just breaking an amniotic fluid is enough to make people worry and scare.

So today I will focus on what to do if the water breaks during pregnancy! Some people will panic after breaking the water, and some people will not take this seriously, so what is the most correct way to do it? The editor will come to tell you in detail about what to do when Mom encounters a broken water. First of all, let's first understand what is water breaking.

Breaking water is actually the premature breaking of amniotic fluid. The fetus is wrapped in a layer of fetal membrane in the mother's womb. The fetal membrane is safe and the amniotic fluid will not flow out. Conversely, when the fetal membrane ruptures, the amniotic fluid will flow out of the body along the birth canal.

The amniotic fluid will be broken in a few different situations. Sometimes, the amniotic fluid will slowly flow out. Many treasure mothers will mistakenly think that it is incontinence to pay attention. At this time, it is better to leave it to the doctor to make a decision. Sometimes amniotic fluid will flow out of the birth canal in large quantities, and it is impossible to control it at all. This is definitely a broken water.

The hazards of premature amniotic fluid rupture

Because the fetus is protected by the fetal membrane in the uterus, and the rupture of the fetal membrane causes the amniotic fluid to flow out, the fetal membrane can no longer protect the fetus as before. After the amniotic fluid flows out, the uterus will shrink accordingly. At this time, there will be two results, one is that the uterus continues to contract, resulting in hypoxia of the fetus, and the other is premature delivery. If the fetus is full term at this time, it is better to say that if the child is born in less than a month, the organ function may not be fully developed, and it is possible that the ability to live after growth is low. For Bao Ma herself, breaking water can also cause infection and cause harm to her body.

What should I do if I discover that the amniotic fluid is prematurely broken?

Lie down immediately

Once the amniotic fluid is found to be prematurely broken, the treasure mothers must first be in a state of chaos. The first thing you need to do is to lie down on your back, and then raise your buttocks. Baomao are pregnant with Rokko. It is best not to stay alone at home. If there is no one around, you should do it calmly. Maintaining this posture with a low head and a high butt can well prevent prolapse of the umbilical cord and rush for time for the ambulance.

Call immediately for an ambulance

After the first step is done, Bao Ma should immediately call the emergency number. The best way to do this is to leave it to the doctor. The most important thing at this time is to be calm. First of all, it is certain to be clear where you are. After arriving at the hospital, it is best to tell the doctor clearly about your specific situation, such as when pregnant, etc., so that the doctor can take countermeasures based on these. If you can't do it, notify your family immediately, or go to the hospital where you often check during pregnancy, because the hospital will often keep the case, which will help the doctor make a correct judgment.

Every mother has a very limited number of children. Once you are pregnant, you have to protect yourself. If the amniotic fluid is prematurely broken, you must follow the above steps one by one, which is very important for the fetus. It may be these simple steps that determine whether a new life can be saved. Regardless of whether you are pregnant or pregnant, it is important to keep this knowledge reserve.

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