Saturday, July 4, 2020

Such fruits should be eaten less during pregnancy, otherwise it is easy to cause neonatal jaundice

Many pregnant mothers have heard of the so-called "sour children". Some pregnant mothers who have expectations about their baby's gender will try to meet their expectations by eating a lot of acidic fruits. In fact, this approach is very wrong. Moreover, eating too many acidic fruits during pregnancy is not only not good for you, it may also cause harm.

So, what are the dangers of eating too many acidic fruits during pregnancy to the baby?

Oranges, grapefruits, oranges, etc., such acidic fruits, are very attractive to pregnant mothers. Because of some pregnancy reactions during pregnancy, pregnant mothers often experience nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. These fruits taste sweet and sour, and pregnant mothers eat two bites from time to time, not only appetizing, but also alleviate pregnancy reactions, so some pregnant mothers can't put down these fruits. However, if you eat too many acidic fruits, there will be a lot of acid juice in the pregnant mother's body, which affects the growth of the baby's liver and gallbladder. Moreover, it will cause long-term disturbance of the bilirubin metabolism in the baby's body, which can easily lead to jaundice. Therefore, although acidic fruit is delicious, pregnant mothers should not be greedy.

In order to prevent babies from getting jaundice, besides eating less acidic fruit during pregnancy, what else should mothers pay attention to?

1. The taste of diet should be light

Many small diseases in children are caused by the imbalance of pH in the body. If the baby's usual diet tastes too heavy, such as eating milk powder with high sugar content, or if the mother breastfeeds the baby while on fire, it will aggravate the condition. Therefore, whether it is breast milk or milk powder, it should have a light taste.

2. The baby should pay attention to daily

If your baby's skin becomes increasingly yellow, lack of energy, poor appetite, unstable body temperature, and easy crying, it means that jaundice is worsening. Moms can take the baby to the sun when the baby is awake. The light can stabilize the level of bilirubin and have an auxiliary effect on the treatment of jaundice.

Although prevention is very important, for those babies who have already had jaundice, nursing work is just as important.

1. Let the baby discharge the feces as early as possible, so as to avoid the reabsorption of bileflavin;

2. Let your baby drink plenty of water to promote urination and expel bilirubin from the body;

3. Mom should observe the baby more. If the situation is serious, it should be discovered and treated early to avoid heart failure;

4. Keep your baby's skin clean to prevent damage and infection.

Therefore, although eating a little sour fruit during pregnancy can help pregnant mothers to promote appetite. However, they should not eat too much. As the saying goes, "Things must be reversed." No matter how good you eat, it is always harmful to eat too much. Therefore, pregnant mothers must consider the baby in the belly and eat food in an appropriate amount, so that it is the best.

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