Friday, July 3, 2020

Starting in July, expectant mother insists on doing this every day, which is very important for the fetus

Do the moms remember the first fetal movement? Surprise, wonder or panic. Of course, there are many expectant mothers who think this is hello to you. Fetal movement is an important indicator of whether the fetus is well in the mother's body. Counting fetal movement is the easiest way to know the condition of the fetal treasure in the uterine cavity, and it is also the most traditional method to know the good condition of the fetal treasure. It usually starts from 28 weeks of pregnancy, which is the seventh month of pregnancy.

1. What is fetal movement

Fetal movement is the activity of the fetus in the mother's uterus, including the actions of stretching the foot and kicking the uterus wall. Pregnant mothers generally begin to feel fetal movement at 18-20 weeks. At this time, the fetal movement is intermittent and weak, like a butterfly's vibrating wings, and it is not easy to distinguish it from intestinal peristalsis. But as the mother's stomach increased, the number of fetal movements also gradually increased.

2. What are the laws of fetal movement

The number of fetal movements, speed, strength, etc. are the criteria for detecting the good condition of the fetus. During the entire pregnancy period, the frequency of fetal movement is most obvious from 28 to 38 weeks. It is generally average at 8-12 o'clock in the morning, starts to decrease from 2 to 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and increases to the most at 8-11 o'clock in the evening. Therefore, expectant mothers must insist on counting fetal movements every day from July, which helps pregnant mothers understand whether the baby's health is in good condition. Write down the time and number of fetal movements per day. After a period of time, the expectant mother can understand the baby's movement laws, and get a rough range of fetal movements per day, and use this as a parameter for reference.

Third, the method of counting fetal movement

Helping mothers like to count fetuses when they were pregnant before, it feels like the baby is communicating with himself. He was uncomfortable or bored in that room, so he stretched his legs and waved his arms to let his mother know his condition. Next I will share my experience with pregnant mothers.

Sit in a chair or lie on the side of the bed when counting fetuses, and gently put your hands on the abdominal wall to feel the child's activities. Count once a day at a fixed time in the morning, middle and evening, about one hour. If the child's fetal movements are less than three times within an hour, it means that the child has abnormalities in the mother's womb. You can also multiply the number of these three monitored fetal movements by 4, which is the number of fetal movements in the mother's womb for 12 hours. If the number of activities of the baby in the mother’s womb within 12 hours is greater than 30, it means that the fetus is in good condition; otherwise, less than 20, indicating that the fetus is likely to have an accident; if the fetal movement is less than 10, it indicates that the fetus is lacking in utero oxygen. At this time, the pregnant mother must go to the hospital for a timely examination and cooperate with the doctor.

Four, matters needing attention

1. When the number of fetuses is moving, the condition of the pregnant mother should be good and the mood should be calm. If the pregnant mother is tired, irritable and depressed when counting fetal movements, it will affect the baby's state. There are still several fetal movements to be performed one hour after a meal. When we are counting, we are often disturbed by some hours. Mom can draw straight letters on the book, or use rice grains and buttons to replace the number of fetal movements.

2. Fetal movement does not mean that the baby will stretch out or kick once. Continuous fetal movements and fetal movements within 5 minutes can only be counted once; a second movement can only be counted if the movement is more than 5 minutes apart. So pregnant mothers must seriously feel Feibao's movements, because they are sometimes naughty.

Pregnant mothers can only give birth to their babies in October. During this period, we have no way of knowing the situation of our children, and we also know that the larger the month, the greater the risk. Moreover, it is impossible for us to go to the hospital every day for a pregnancy test, so as to know the condition of the fetal treasure. Counting fetuses is a simple and easy way to know your baby's condition. Pregnant mothers must insist on counting the number of fetuses every day to learn about the baby's condition.

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