Sunday, July 5, 2020

Sleeping like this after pregnancy, the relationship between husband and wife will be better

For pregnant mothers, as their stomachs grow larger during pregnancy, each time they go to bed is also a hassle, because this time their physical condition and when they first started are no longer a concept, sleep alone At that time, as soon as I couldn't sleep, I began to think about the mess, and I couldn't sleep anymore. At this time, go to find a prospective father. After the pregnancy, the two will sleep together, which will not only enhance the relationship between the husband and wife, but also the prospective mother will feel more secure.

Do you think you are in the following correct sleeping positions?

Opposite to the side of the mother-in-law

This should be the most common way of sleeping. In fact, this sleeping method is also the best for two people, because the correct sleeping position during pregnancy is the opposite of the ordinary sleeping position.

During pregnancy, the mother’s uterus will continue to expand and expand into the abdominal cavity of the body. It will rotate to the right after being squeezed by nearby organs and tissues. Maintaining this state for a long time may affect the oxygen provided to the baby. Hypoxia is prone to occur, so it is recommended to use the left side sleeping position during the third trimester, which is more conducive to the health of the expectant mother and the fetus.

Sleep on the same side as the expectant mother

The couple can also keep one direction while sleeping, which also avoids the stomach of the expectant mother to prevent squeezing.

You can also hold her mother to sleep and help her fix her posture to prevent her from sleeping on her stomach.

If the belly of the pregnant woman is squeezed, although the fetus in the body has fat and the amniotic fluid around them, the slight pressure will not affect the fetus, but the expectant mothers will feel uneasy psychologically, If you are not worried, you can go to the hospital for a detailed examination.

Some expectant mothers have the bad habit of sleeping on their stomachs before going to bed. They will accidentally appear when they are sleeping before their stomachs become large. If they are protected by a prospective dad while sleeping, then naturally do not worry too much. This has happened.

Being accompanied by a prospective father during pregnancy, while enhancing the relationship between the two, will also allow the prospective mother to have a certain sense of security during pregnancy. When the prospective mother may have an emergency at night, as a partner, you can also find and do in time Good response measures.

When the mood in the third trimester is prone to anxiety, the prospective father can also do some soothing work before going to bed to relax the prospective mother.

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