Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Should I cut my hair shortly before giving birth? Don't worry too much about pregnant mothers

In real life, it is not difficult to find that many pregnant mothers will cut their hair short in the third trimester. To be honest, they will cut off their long hair that has been left for many years, and they will really feel very reluctant. The girlfriends used to be a pregnant mother with long hair and waist. Seeing that she was about to give birth to a baby, she was still reluctant to cut off her long hair. The girlfriends were unable to wash their hair when they were more than 7 months pregnant. In order not to harm the fetus in their belly, every time the girlfriends washed their hair, they had to go to the barber shop.

Every time I saw my girlfriend combing her hair, my girlfriend’s mother would advise her to cut her hair quickly. At first, the girlfriend didn’t listen to it at all. The ground shook.

Why can't I keep long hair before giving birth?

The biggest trouble with long hair before pregnancy is that it is not easy to clean. Whether it is washing hair or combing hair, it is very troublesome. In addition, the fetus may be born at any time. Long hair is likely to cause a lot of Necessary trouble. In addition, many pregnant mothers will have hair loss during confinement after childbirth. The long hair shedding is easily entangled on the baby's fingers and toes and is not easy to find. This is a big safety hazard for babies.

What if I really don't want to cut my hair?

If the pregnant mother is very resistant to cutting short hair and does not have to be too difficult for herself, you can cut her hair to shoulder-length, maybe a little longer. This length will not cause too much trouble for the postpartum life of pregnant mothers, and you will find that with this length, you don't need to spend a long time trying to keep long hair again. The psychological pressure faced by pregnant mothers will also be reduced a lot, because it is really a very unbearable thing to cut off the long hair that I have left for many years.

How to avoid the loss of long hair to hurt the baby?

When the pregnant mother is upgraded to a treasure mother, you can braid all your hair, so that not only can you keep your hair uncluttered for a long time, but also to avoid the loss of long hair falling on the bed and hurt your baby, but also very conducive to hair next time Care and cleaning. In addition, pregnant mothers should also pay attention not to sit on the bed and comb their hair. When combing their hair, choose a position farther away from the bed, so that there will not be long hair falling off on the bed, which will cause safety hazards for the baby.

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