Thursday, July 2, 2020

Should the baby's "sleeping head" be corrected? Don't ignore this situation

When we find that the baby is sleeping, his head is always tilted to the side, we need to help the baby to correct it consciously. Because the baby's head is still relatively soft at this time, the bones develop quickly, and the strength of the neck muscles is weak, and it is easily deformed by external pressure.

Everyone knows that if the baby's head is turned to one side, it will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the normal development of the baby. For children, there are no exceptions. So how should we prevent it in ordinary life?

1. Change sleeping position often

The first three months of your baby's life are a crucial period for shaping your head. In other words, from the moment the baby is born, the mother must have the habit of frequently changing the sleeping position for the baby to keep the balance on both sides of the baby's head. Do not often let your baby adopt a sleeping position, as this can easily affect the appearance of the baby's head. Many experts suggest that babies can sleep on their stomachs, so that the head shape will be more round, but this is also harmful. Sleeping on your stomach for a long time is very likely to block your baby's breath, or even suffocate in severe cases. If you let your baby sleep on your stomach, it is best not to use pillows, and there are no plush toys around.

2. Change positions frequently

When the mother breastfeeds the baby, the baby's head is always on one side. And when the baby and his mother sleep, they always like to tilt their head to the side of their mother because of their nature. Looking at the baby's face, I feel particularly warm. At this time, the mother should also pay attention to changing the position to prevent the baby's head from tilting. Normally, it is necessary to add calcium and vitamin b to the baby properly to promote the baby's bone development.

If the baby's head has been tilted to the side, and can not turn his head in a certain direction, or even touch the hand with a hard block on the side of the neck, this situation is likely to be torticollis. Parents should take the baby to the children's hospital for treatment in time, the sooner the better. Because the younger the better. In addition to the use of professional structure therapy, parents can also help their children correct through some methods in their lives. For example, ask a special child massage therapist, how much strength is used? What are the steps and so on, you can help the baby treat the torticollis problem through massage. You can also induce the child to slowly tilt the child's neck to the other side step by step through the induction of the toy. Don't worry, you will get the opposite effect.

The most effective way for a baby to "sleep on his head" is to prevent it. Therefore, parents should pay more attention to the sleeping position of children to avoid torticollis problems.

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