Thursday, July 9, 2020

Sexual life tips: how to make your boyfriend harder and more durable

The quality of life for both sexes, one of which is the durability of men. A consultant asked, how to make the boyfriend harder and more durable? How to excite men? The editor will talk about the sex life skills that women should know.

1. How to make your boyfriend harder and more durable

Tip 1: The woman's upper body position

When using female supremacy, the penis is less irritated, and the woman's speed slows down. When the man feels that the erection has decreased, it accelerates, so that the intercourse time will be significantly extended.

Tip 2: Maintain moderate endurance

Sexual status can be divided into 4 stages: excited, sustained, orgasm, and subsided. In sexual life, if you want to extend the ejaculation time, you must grasp the proportion between different stages. If the full score of the excitement is set to 10, try to keep it at 7 points. When the body is not completely "warmed", start to move and gradually heat up in the subsequent stage.

Tip 3: Do "sex exercise" diligently

Do some muscle exercises, such as stopping the injection during the urination time, and then continue to urinate after counting 10 times. You can also contract Tintin muscles hard while working and driving to improve control.

Second, sex skills: how to make men excited

In both sexes, flirting is indispensable, teasing each other and giving each other physical and psychological excitement. To know how to excite a man, we must first know the sensitive points on the male body

Secondly, we must know some useful flirting tips:

1. Say something light and pleasant during the foreplay, you can talk about daily life, you can also tell jokes and the like to regulate emotions.

2. During the sex process, a woman moans, and you can also encourage him by occasional praise, then he will work harder.

3. After the sex is over, you can talk about feelings, you can simply ask each other about their sexual feelings, and avoid falling asleep after sex. Moderate emotional communication can bring a perfect ending to sex.

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