Thursday, July 9, 2020

Sexual life knowledge: how does a woman orgasm feel

Orgasm is the pleasure in sex life. While pursuing orgasm, do you know what a woman's orgasm is like? A lot of women's high tide water chart is a manifestation of orgasm, the following editor will talk about related content.

First, what is the feeling of a woman's orgasm

The feeling of a woman's orgasm will have some specific physical reactions. For example, the body will tremble. The woman's high tide has a lot of water charts. It is also one of the manifestations of orgasm.

You can also use the "suspension sense" to describe the feeling of a woman's orgasm. At that moment, it seems that you are hanging in the air, usually 1-3 seconds. As the clitoris is continuously and rhythmically stimulated, sensitive nerves send impulses to the spinal cord, and then to the orgasm muscles in the spinal cord. Gradually, this "suspension" emanated from the clitoris and entered the pelvis.

At this time, the woman will forget everything around her. The nervous system uses most of the impulses to initiate massive bursts of muscle contractures, thereby squeezing out the congested blood from the expanding blood vessels around the outer wall of the vagina.

Second, the specific performance of female orgasm

1. Moan: open your mouth, bite the man's skin with your teeth or kiss deeply.

2. Buttocks and chest firming: When a woman has an orgasm, she makes such a physical response because the chest is swollen, which will stretch the ligaments and bring different pleasures.

3. Lower body trembling: calm down, lower body trembling, this should be the most enjoyable performance of female orgasm for men.

4. Dizziness: Sudden sex will make women experience different orgasms, but dizziness will occur afterwards. This may be the performance of the late orgasm era.

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