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Sexual life after pregnancy: Can pregnancy lead a sex life?

Sexual life after pregnancy: can pregnancy lead a sex life?

Both physical and mental health can be the same as before. It is a long process for a woman to conceive in October. I will not mention the harms caused by the couple’s abstinence to the pregnant mother during pregnancy. For the husband, this is basically this unbearable thing. child.

The long abstinence, food, clothing, housing and transportation are actually unimaginable. The husband and wife's life between husband and wife has a very mutual effect on maintaining each other's emotions. Therefore, there is no need to control the couple's life too much during pregnancy.

For compulsory abstinence, between husband and wife is more suitable to be at ease. From the middle of the first four months of pregnancy to the first trimester of pregnancy, the baby will rise and fall at the root of the uterus, and the probability and risk factors of miscarriage will not be cleared.

Therefore, this period is not suitable for strong sex, or sex is not suitable for too much. Pregnancy is the middle of 4-8 months during pregnancy, which can be regarded as a safe period. Therefore, the couple's intercourse can be carried out harmoniously with the past sex life without squeezing the baby into the abdominal cavity of the pregnant mother.

Sexual life after pregnancy: can pregnancy lead a sex life?

When there are signs of premature babies and miscarriages, couples should be strictly prohibited from living. Marital affairs must comply with prescriptions.

Exercising in bad times can lead to hematoma in the pelvis of women, which will accelerate the birth of premature babies and babies. Especially for pregnant women who have had premature babies or small births, the risk of husband and wife's life will once again arise.

Therefore, if there have been premature babies or miscarriages in this period before, couples should pay more attention to each other at this time, so that the safety of the baby is taken into consideration, and try not to have couples living in the same period. The best life for couples in early pregnancy is once a week or once a week. Couples who have lived for more than 2 years after marriage have a relatively fixed frequency of sexual intercourse, and are usually not prone to other problems.

It is different if the married couple is pregnant within a short time before entering the divorce temple. How much is the safety category of sex during pregnancy?

1. If it is not a very unique condition during pregnancy, from the beginning of pregnancy to the end of 4 months of pregnancy, the frequency of sexual intercourse is controlled once a week or twice a week.

2. The period of 4-8 months during pregnancy is relatively safe at the beginning of the month, and the frequency of sexual intercourse can be increased moderately. It must be noted that the time of each sexual intercourse should not be too long, and it should be noted that the reproductive organs of the lady cannot be immediately irritated.

3. At the beginning of the 8th to 6th month of pregnancy (or 8 to 6 months and a half), the fetus has just begun to decrease to the birth canal position, during this period it is easy to be infected by bacteria. There will be a risk of maternal amniotic fluid outflow from the uterus (broken amniotic fluid).

Therefore, pregnant mothers in the first pregnancy period should pay attention to improving prevention during this period, and couples' lives must be strictly prohibited.

4. During the period of 8 months and 6 months to 9 months of pregnancy, the baby in the belly of the pregnant mother has already arrived at the 36-week full-term child, and there will always be patrons in this family anytime, anywhere. Therefore, the sporadic irritant will make the baby born. At this time, if you do not pay attention to the taboo issues, you must start the husband and wife life, which can cause pain for pregnant mothers and pregnant women.

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