Thursday, July 9, 2020

Sex Tips: When do women most want

"Wanting" is one of the normal physiological needs of people in sex life. When do women want it most? When is the safe period for women? The editor tells you in this article.

1. When do women most want

To know when a woman wants the most, you can judge by observing her body language and expression:

1. Pupil

When a woman is excited, her pupils will expand unconsciously. This is because her body is ready to receive more stimulation, so the brain orders the eye iris to expand, allowing more light to enter the eyeball. In sex life, a woman moaning is also one of the ways to prove that she wants.

2. Chest

Sex blush is the most direct judgment of the intensity of women's excitement. If a woman’s breasts and face slowly turn pink, it means she wants it. In addition, when the woman is excited, the chest will swell 25% larger than usual, and the woman will groan during the process. When is a woman the most beautiful? In the privacy of both sexes, women are the most beautiful when they want it.

3. Bite your nails

Women repeat a certain movement, which represents a certain degree of tension, such as scratching the skin or biting nails. When is a woman the most beautiful? In sex life, women are the most beautiful when properly implied. A man can gently pull her hand away, gently pinch and caress, so that the tension will disappear.

Second, when is the safe period for women

The so-called safe period is the safe period to avoid pregnancy. Specifically, the safe period refers to the period of time after the end of the last ovulation period and before the next ovulation period.

If a woman takes 28 days as a normal physiological cycle, the period of 7 days before and 8 days after the first menstrual period is the safe period. The safe period is divided into the safe period before ovulation and the safe period after ovulation.

The period from the day when menstruation is clean to the day before the start of the ovulation period is the pre-ovulation safety period. From the first day after the end of the ovulation period to the day before the next menstrual period is the post-ovulation safety period.

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