Thursday, July 9, 2020

Sex life tips: What are the benefits of sex life

In the relationship between the sexes, sex life is a good way to warm up feelings. There are many benefits of sex life, which can help sleep, protect the heart, and facilitate menstrual regularity. What are the techniques of sex life? Editors share relevant content in this article.

First, the skills of sex life

1. Exercise to improve physical fitness

Many people have said that they didn't feel as much as they did when they had sex with their girlfriends, and even when they were tired and sweaty, there was no ejaculation.

Such a situation is largely due to the intemperance of having sex with a girlfriend, weakening one's body, and subsequently reducing the sensitivity of the nervous system.

Therefore, keep strong and healthy at all times, which will allow you to extend your sex life and get greater satisfaction.

2. Avoid immutability

Sex life can't be in the same place every time, in the same posture, with the same feelings, and make everything look like an established procedure, no surprises. It's time to go out and open a sex room, wear a set of sex underwear, and try more different positions.

Second, the benefits of sex

1. Effective weight loss

30 minutes of sex can burn 200 calories, allowing people to easily lose excess fat and maintain a slim, attractive body.

2. Protect the male heart

A study by Queen's University in Belfast in the UK showed that men living sex three times a week can reduce the risk of heart disease by half. The study also showed that regular sex can reduce strokes in men by half.

3. Help sleep

Both caress and sex can release endorphins that promote sleep, allowing couples to quickly enter a sweet dream after a frolic.

4. Leak-proof urine

Sex can strengthen the strength of the pelvic muscles, and then better control urination, and can also effectively prevent urinary incontinence.

5. Relieve pain

Sex should be painless and full of gains. After a strong orgasm, the pituitary gland secretes endorphins, which helps to reduce body pain, as well as joint pain and menstrual pain.

6. Regular menstruation

Scientists at Columbia University and Stanford University have found that if women live at least once a week, their menstrual cycle will be more regular.

7. Relax

A gynecologist in Massachusetts said that sex can effectively suppress anxiety, because the slow and gentle caress between couples can calm people and forget their worries.

8. Relieve stress

When you encounter annoyances, you can release them through sex rather than yelling. Many psychologists in the United States regard happy sex as one of the best ways to get rid of stress.

9. Use to enter, to return when not in use

American marriage expert Davis pointed out that sexual ability is also a technique. The more sexes, the more sex hormones can be stimulated, the sexual desire is enhanced, and the sexual ability is also exercised.

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