Thursday, July 9, 2020

Several times a week sex life is most suitable

Several times a week sex life is most suitable

How many sexes per week can make you happy?

Regarding this question of morality, many people may answer as much as possible. But scientists have found that if you are in a passionate period, once a week may be enough. What is the feeling of being in love? What are the dating skills?

Ammusey is a research romantic scientist at the University of Toronto Mission Sauga. She conducts research on the sexual behavior of various people. The purpose of the connection between sexuality and happiness is not as simple as you think.

Muise has collected 23 years of data, including the sexual desire, sex patterns and preferences of 25,000 subjects. Like usual cognition, the study found that an increase in the number of sex life does improve the happiness index, but this positively correlated trend is the maximum, that is, the frequency is less than once a week.

More than once a week, the relationship between personal happiness index and sexual life is weakened. After that, the more sexual life, the less obvious the effect, and the overall trend begins to be negatively correlated.

Second, Muise conducted an online questionnaire survey on 335 participants of different races and was asked about the relationship between sex and happiness. The results confirmed the previous findings.

Second, Muise compared the relationship between "sex and happiness" and "personal wealth and happiness." The results show that people who earn 25,000 US dollars (about 160,000 yuan) a year are no happier than those who earn 75,000 US dollars (about 480,000 yuan) each year. Similarly, the results of happiness for people who live once a month and those who do not live once a week are incredible.

However, the reason for the sharp decline in glasses is that the frequency of sex life has increased from once a month to once a week, surpassing the happiness index with an increase in income of $50,000 (about 320,000 yuan). In other words, having sex once a week may be happier than a salary increase.

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