Thursday, July 2, 2020

Research has proved that it is easier to give birth to twins during this time.

First of all, let’s first understand how the “twin” is formed?

There are two types of identical twins and fraternal twins. Identical twins refer to the development of a sperm and an egg combined into a fertilized egg, and fraternal twins are two fertilized eggs that are divided into two during the development process, forming two embryos. What is the difference between them?

For example, in life, we sometimes can't tell which of the twins is the eldest and which is the second, because they look exactly the same, and they seem to know what the other person thinks, perhaps this is telepathy. Identical twins are this feature. Because the same gene and the same chromosome are the same for two people. What about fraternal twins? The most obvious thing is that they are not particularly consistent in appearance. Twins are not like "twins". Its "unlike" is mainly in the process of division, with the formation of new chromosomes and other aspects.

The most important thing is, how do you give birth to twins?

1. Physical condition: According to relevant scientific data, mothers who are fatter are more likely to conceive twins than other mothers. The proportion of such cases is as high as 20% to 30%.

2. The choice of time: According to scientific research, the time to conceive a baby boy is probably in March, April and May, and the time to conceive a baby girl is more in November and December. Regardless of whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl, twins can only say the approximate probability of occurrence. In addition to these, there are many reasons that will affect the birth of twins.

3. "Genetic history": It means that there are no twins in the family. If there are twins in the family, then this gene is likely to be passed on to the next generation, greatly increasing the probability of twins.

4. Diet management: Some studies have found that women can adjust their bodies and diet to promote ovulation and increase the probability of having twins. Taking folic acid can greatly increase this probability. Eating sweet potatoes can help pregnant women give birth; eating clams during pregnancy is also prone to twins or multiple births.

If mothers are pregnant with twins, what should be careful about?

Pain in advance: According to the pregnancy cycle of pregnant women, usually pregnant women give birth in 38 to 42 weeks, if they are pregnant with twins, may give birth in 37 to 39 weeks, there is a phenomenon of pain in advance.

Caesarean section: It is more difficult to give birth to twins, and the probability of giving birth is relatively small. During the birth process, the doctor will choose a caesarean section to remove the baby according to the specific situation to ensure the safety of the child and the adult.

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