Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Repeated pregnancy and miscarriage? You checked this part less before pregnancy!

The thin endometrium will affect the chance of conception, and sometimes it will be inadvertently drained even if you are pregnant, so you need to take care to prepare for pregnancy.

What is the endometrium?

The endometrium is the layer that makes up the inner wall of the uterus. It reacts to estrogen and progesterone, and also changes with the menstrual cycle. It is also the site where the fertilized egg implants.

What causes thinning of the endometrium?

1. The uterus is infected, inflammation or other types of damage, which can cause the endometrium to become weak. The most important reason is artificial abortion. This is relatively harmful to the endometrium and can cause endometrial adhesions and endometrium. Thinning, reduced leave, etc.

2. Women who have been in endocrine disorders for a long time can also cause the endometrium to thin. Endocrine disorders can cause progesterone disorders. Then the pregnancy will change, which will cause the endometrium to detach and cause the endometrium to thin.

How to regulate the thinning of the endometrium?

1. You can eat more legume foods such as black beans, soybeans and other soy products, because beans contain estrogen, women can supplement estrogen by eating legumes.

2. Exercise should be strengthened when preparing for pregnancy. On the one hand, it is good for one's own health, on the other hand, it can promote blood circulation, but be sure to pay attention when preparing for pregnancy. All sports are gradual and do not rush to achieve success.

3. Take care not to touch cold water during the official holiday, try not to eat cold food, so as to ensure the temperature of the uterus, if there is palace cold, you can use a hot water bottle to warm the lower abdomen to promote blood circulation and relax muscles.

Editor's note:

Women are better to have a test before pregnancy. Scientifically prepare for pregnancy. Only in this way will the chance of pregnancy increase. Don’t prepare for pregnancy. You should also pay attention to diet when preparing for pregnancy. Don’t say that I only eat a little. Pregnancy must be prepared in principle.

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