Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Regardless of the first or second child, it is best not to be born before this age, otherwise a lot of trouble

First of all, women have an optimal reproductive age

The best childbearing age for women is 24-29, which is considered the golden age of women. Women at this age have mature organs, good physical condition, and high egg quality. Not only will they suffer less during pregnancy and childbirth, the children are also smarter and healthier, and the body is easy to recover after childbirth. Women are full of energy and physical strength, and can give children better companionship and care.

However, from the age of 30, I have to admit that women's bodies and organs have begun to decline. When they are 35 years old, they are called elderly women. Although due to practical reasons, there are more and more elderly women. However, compared with women in the golden childbearing age, older women are obviously at a disadvantage in all aspects:

The maternal age is much higher than ordinary maternal

Most older women are not easy to get pregnant. Various injections and medicines are not easy to get pregnant. Naturally, they are all cautious and careful. Most of the time they are in childbirth. , And endless pain, etc., do not know how much to suffer. But for women of childbearing age, the entire pregnancy is easier, and some are like no one. What should they do, make people envious.

It is difficult for ordinary women to recover after giving birth

The women who gave birth early are hot moms, and their children are called sister flowers or sisters. And those old women who gave birth to children became aunts, and were called grandchildren of children. Although this is a ridiculous sentence, it also tells a cruel reality. After giving birth to an old woman, not only is her body difficult to recover quickly, but she is also physically and mentally inferior to young mothers. Taking care of children day and night will accelerate her aging.

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