Thursday, July 9, 2020

Recommended postures for newly married couples

There are a lot of pictures about the couple's sexual life on the Internet. I believe that many newlyweds want to have a beautiful first night because of their lack of experience. Therefore, they have done a lot of homework. , Today I compiled more relevant information for you.

First, the newly married couple sex life posture map recommendation

1. Posture should be regular

Some brides can also stimulate the clitoris on their own or adopt a posture for a better couple's sex life. Of course, the bride who has an orgasm at the beginning of the night can completely relax or let go. The content of sex life is extremely rich, not just plug-in sex. The nipples and breasts of a woman are the second sexually sensitive areas on the surface of his body. Proper stimulation here can also quickly trigger his reaction. Many women can achieve orgasm simply by being properly stimulated here.

2. Face her eyes squarely

Many women think that the eye is the sexiest part of their body. Therefore, do not stare at each other's eyes with squinted eyes, as this will lead to too strong sexual cues. The correct way is to face each other's eyes, as if expressing your compliments or asking with your eyes when the other party is free to have a drink.

3. Teasing her ears

Female voice: "Tap my ears or blow in my ears during sex, I will quickly fall into madness." Female ears are covered with super sensitive nerve endings inside and outside. Gently pour hot air into her ears, then blow in some cold air, use your lips or fingers to massage her earlobe, and gently pull the earlobe down to enhance her pleasure.

4. Leg posture should be proper

The groom should understand that the female orgasm is very likely because his clitoris (above the vaginal opening, where the two small labia converge) was properly stimulated. However, the clitoris is usually wrapped in the clitoris foreskin, and only after the woman enters a state of sexual excitement will it be exposed. Therefore, having sex without waiting for the bride's excitement makes it difficult for him to reach orgasm. It is said that most people have sex with men on top and women on bottom. If you do not split your legs in a large span, it is not easy to properly stimulate the bride's clitoris. Therefore, whether the bridegroom's movement is violent or not has little effect on the bride's orgasm.

5. Pamper her back

In today's era of eroticism, snuggling in the neck not only symbolizes intimacy, but also not too vulgar and erotic. Kiss the other person's back, and then transfer from the bare skin to the hair, doing the most gentle and considerate thing. Many women's sexual excitement is located on the back, where they kiss lightly, and then attach ears to tell some private words, which will make them quickly become sexually active.

6. Adjust your breathing and distract

During sexual intercourse, relax the muscles of the whole body and slow down the thrusting movement. At the same time, adjust your breathing, hold your breath, hold your breath, and then slow down your exhalation time to divert your attention from your sex organs to your whole body. If the urge is still intense, you may wish to change your posture or take intermittent sex. When you are close to the climax, stop the penis twitching and wait for a while before continuing.

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