Thursday, July 2, 2020

Rather than waiting for the due date, it is better to do these things in advance

Rather than stupid waiting for the due date, it is better to do the following things in advance.

Go more in the third trimester

This point is based on the premise that the pregnant mother does not have the placenta previa, and there is no slight pain in her stomach when she walks. Go more in the third trimester. One is to exercise and prepare for storage. The second is to help the fetus enter the basin, and shorten the birth process during delivery, so that pregnant mothers can suffer less. Therefore, during the third trimester, pregnant mothers can go out for a walk for about 30 minutes every morning or night. Remember, the pregnant mother in the month is heavy and she must exercise properly. Do not exercise too much.

Pay attention to control fetal weight

If the pregnant mother intends to give birth to a baby, the third trimester should pay attention to control the fetal weight in advance. On the basis of balanced and comprehensive nutrition, reduce the intake of fat and sugar foods, do not let the fetus grow too large. It is best to control the fetal weight to 5-7 kg, because this is the most favorable standard for fetal weight. Control the fetal weight in advance so that the pregnant mother will not be distracted and suffer too much because of the fetus being too large.

Understand some labor symptoms

There is a confused pregnant mother next to me who is born and playing mahjong at home. The reason is that she did not know that contractions in the third trimester were signs of labor. She said: "I felt a pain in my stomach at that time. I thought my baby was naughty and kicked my stomach. I endured playing a long mahjong, who knows the last belly The more painful, the worse, my mother-in-law said that I was about to give birth. Then the family went to the hospital in a panic, and forgot to take the delivery kit. Later, when I got to the hospital, my husband tossed it back and collected the things. A confused mother, the child was quite panicked, but fortunately he was not born on the road. Therefore, pregnant mothers in the third trimester should understand some labor symptoms in advance, such as seeing red and broken water, and lower abdominal pain that occurs every 3-5 minutes. A regular contraction is more than half a minute. Knowing this, pregnant mothers do not panic when they arrive at the hospital in advance and suffer less.

Learn how to work hard

If the pregnant mother understands the symptoms of labor, and she has exercised well in advance and controlled the weight of the fetus, then the last item is left to prepare-to learn how to work hard. Pregnant mothers can go to a special training class to learn birth control exercises, as well as birth control breathing method. After mastering it, use the breathing method to counteract contractions, save physical strength, and then cooperate with the doctor's command. In this case, the pregnant mother will not panic, but can also be born faster.

Therefore, near the expected date of delivery, pregnant mothers should not sit silly and wait, they must prepare in advance. Of course, most of these preparations are for pregnant mothers who are suitable for delivery, and those who want to have a caesarean section should also make relevant preparations in advance to ensure that the fetus is born safely.

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