Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Pregnant women have “taboos” on all kinds of transportation

Private car: fasten your seat belt, don't take the co-pilot

Generally speaking, pregnant women will take a private car when they return home on New Year's Day. This way they sit loose and have uncomfortable conditions. It is convenient to park at any time. However, during the Spring Festival transportation, there are many people on the road, so you must pay attention to safety when riding. The "taboo" for pregnant women to ride in private cars is-try not to take the co-pilot, and wear a seat belt in the rear seat. Because in the event of a sudden emergency, the position of the co-pilot is easily exposed to danger. The pregnant mother is a twin, and you should pay attention to it just in case. The safest position for pregnant mothers should be the seat behind the co-pilot. At that time, the seat gap should be adjusted appropriately to adjust the seat to the most comfortable state.

Train: Don't get on the bus for too many people, don't stand in the aisle for too long

If the pregnant mother is too far away from home, it is inconvenient to take a private car. If you choose to take the train home, you should also pay attention to the following "taboos": First, pay attention not to lift heavy objects when entering the station when the crowd is crowded. Belly. Secondly, don't get in the car when there are many people, and slowly get in when you are young, so as not to be squeezed, knocked over, or stepped on an empty car ladder. Third, don't stand in the aisle for too long. Therefore, the pregnant mother must ask the family to buy a berth or a seat ticket in advance. If it is not available, prepare a small portable bench and find a spacious place to sit. .

Long-distance bus: pregnant women in the month, don’t take the car for too long, you must exercise properly

There are also pregnant women who take long-distance buses, especially those in big months. Don't take a long time in a bus, but take appropriate activities. However, you should pay attention to the activities. With your family's support in the aisle seat, hold the back of the chair to lift your legs, move your arms, neck, etc., the movement should not be too large. Then, when parking and resting in the service area, don't be too lazy to move, get out of the car and go to the toilet, and take appropriate activities.

By plane: sit carefully before and after the due date, beware of labor or premature delivery

During the Spring Festival, air tickets are also very difficult to buy, so pregnant mothers are lucky if they can grab air tickets. Because flying, the conditions are better than other means of transportation. However, for pregnant women, there are also many "taboos": first, pregnant women with strong reactions during pregnancy, nausea, vomiting, and airsickness are not suitable for flying. Second, if there is a risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, or premature birth during pregnancy, you should choose whether you want to take the plane in conjunction with the doctor's diagnosis before taking the plane. Thirdly, you are in good health, but you should take a plane carefully before and after the expected date of delivery, and beware of labor or premature delivery.

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