Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Pregnant mothers sleep and dream at night, most of them are hinting to you

The reason why pregnant mothers are more likely to dream is because:

Body hormone changes

Because of changes in body hormones, pregnant mothers will become more sensitive, and their emotions will generally be less stable during this time, so they will be shown through dreaming when they are asleep.

Increased psychological pressure

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers may often worry about the safety of the baby, or they may be afraid that they cannot bear the burden of pregnancy, or they may be afraid of dystocia or accidents when they are giving birth, and they are psychologically nervous, and the pregnant mother is under pressure during pregnancy. Tolerance will also decrease, so it is more likely to be emotionally unstable and dream.

Frequent urination

We always dream of going to the toilet when we hold our urine at night, and pregnant mothers are more prone to frequent urination because the uterus presses the bladder, so the chance of dreaming increases.

Although dreaming is a normal phenomenon, if you have many dreams during pregnancy, even if dreaming affects your mood or sleep, pregnant mothers should pay attention, don't ignore them.

This may be because your physical condition is a bit poor

First of all, because fetal babies need to absorb a large amount of calcium in the mother during development, but calcium is also a nerve medium. If the pregnant mother lacks calcium, the brain nerves of the pregnant mother may appear abnormal, and insomnia may occur. Pregnant mother's sleep; in addition, pregnant mother may also suffer from insomnia if she is anaemic.

Therefore, if the pregnant mother has insomnia and many dreams, you may wish to go to the hospital to check your physical condition, or you can improve your sleep quality by going to bed before massage, drinking warm milk, and soaking your feet.

Finally, pregnant mothers, don’t be superstitious about fetal dreams

Some pregnant mothers believe that fetal dreams are true and have strange dreams. They like to search online for ways to solve dreams. If they have a bad side, they will startle themselves, so even if the baby is okay, you have to be scared by yourself. Something went wrong, and it also increased mental tension and insomnia. Therefore, the best way to prevent a pregnant mother from dreaming is to do obstetric examination on time and monitor the baby’s health in a scientific way.

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