Saturday, July 4, 2020

Pregnant mothers, please note that this posture of late pregnancy is not conducive to the fetus entering the basin!

In the second trimester, which sitting position of pregnant mothers will affect the fetus into the basin?

During pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will sit all on their butts when sitting on a stool or a sofa. Although it will save yourself some energy, but the pregnant mothers will affect the baby's potting time. Generally speaking, during the second trimester, the correct sitting posture of pregnant mothers is whether they should sit halfway on a stool or a sofa. In this way, while not hindering the baby into the basin, it can also effectively relieve the appearance of the big butt phenomenon of pregnant mothers.

What pregnant mothers often do, can effectively help the fetus into the basin

1. Appropriate climbing stairs

Pregnant mothers can climb stairs appropriately during the third trimester, so that the baby can enter the basin more smoothly. However, some situations require the attention of pregnant mothers. If pregnant mothers have had premature births or miscarriages before this pregnancy, then pregnant mothers must climb moderately and do not climb for a long time. . Otherwise, it will not only help the fetus enter the basin, but also affect the baby's healthy development.

2. Squat

In the third trimester of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can also do some squats by supporting the wall properly, which can promote the blood circulation of pregnant mothers, and can also increase the physical fitness of pregnant mothers and improve their own immunity. At the same time, it is very helpful to the healthy development of the fetus and entering the basin. However, when squatting, pregnant mothers should also be moderate, do not do it for a long time, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

In normal times, pregnant mothers must pay more attention, when it is okay, do these two exercises. After all, this is also a critical stage. If the child is in the basin, it means that the baby is about to be born. In order to better meet the arrival of the baby, pregnant mothers will work hard!

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