Saturday, July 4, 2020

Pregnant mothers of these 2 blood types must cherish your first pregnancy!

What is neonatal hemolysis?

Neonatal hemolysis refers to the same family of immune hemolytic diseases caused by the incompatibility of maternal and infant blood types. Among them, neonatal hemolysis caused by ABO blood group incompatibility is the most common.

The more common neonatal hemolysis, there are several situations:

1. Mom is blood type O, father is blood type A, and baby is blood type A;

2. Mom is blood type O, father is blood type B, and baby is blood type B;

3. Mom is blood type O, father is blood type AB, and baby is blood type AB.

If these conditions occur, they can cause ABO hemolysis. The disease can occur during the first birth, and as the number of births increases, the incidence rate also increases, and the situation will become more severe each time.

Except for pregnant mothers with blood type O, prone to hemolysis in the newborn. There is also a blood type of pregnant mother who may also have neonatal hemolysis, which is RH type. If the mother is RH negative blood type, and the father is RH positive blood type, the baby is also prone to neonatal hemolysis.

It can be seen from this that neonatal hemolysis is often caused by the blood type of the couple. So, does it mean that the blood type of the husband and wife are different, so they can't get pregnant? Actually not. It is normal for a couple to have different blood types. Although neonatal hemolysis is more likely, the symptoms can be cured quickly, which is not particularly harmful to the baby's health. Therefore, even if the husband and wife have different blood types, they need not be too nervous.

So, is there any good way to prevent hemolysis in newborns?

1. Do a pre-pregnancy check

When preparing for pregnancy, you should go to the hospital to check the blood type. If it is a couple with ABO disagreement, the antibody and its titer in the woman's blood should be measured.

2. Do a good job of prenatal inspection

If you have a history of blood transfusions, miscarriages, and pregnant mothers with severe jaundice, the prenatal blood type and antibody should be checked before delivery. In this way, when the newborn is abnormal, it can be found early and make a better response.

3. Do a good job of prenatal treatment

If the baby is diagnosed with hemolysis, then the pregnant mother can make timely treatment through plasma exchange and early delivery.

In general, the probability of ABO hemolysis in the second child will be greater. However, it cannot be completely ruled out that such a situation occurs in one child. Moreover, although pregnant women with ABO blood type are more prone to hemolysis, but RH blood type is also possible. Therefore, pregnant mothers belonging to these two blood types must cherish the first child.

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