Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Pregnant mothers have these performances when they sleep, don’t always feel normal, it’s time to consider seeking medical treatment

Giving birth to life is a difficult process. The morning sickness reaction in the first trimester finally passed through. When the appetite was finally able to eat, the fetus grew in the body, and the pregnant mother gradually had insomnia, although every night Sleepy, but it is difficult to fall asleep, it feels more painful than morning sickness, coupled with the doctor's instructions, long-term insomnia is not good for the pregnant mother's fetus, so the pregnant mother started a big battle against sleep during pregnancy.

I suffered from insomnia during pregnancy. Later, I found that exercise was still more effective. I took 3,000 steps before going to bed every night, and soon fell asleep after returning. But walking before bed can't avoid these performances in the process of sleeping, every one makes me speechless.

Wake up frequently in the middle of the night

The most annoying thing during pregnancy is that her husband is breathing evenly on the side. The pregnant mother woke up alone and stared out at the window with a daze. This feeling is simply torture for the pregnant mother. When I was in the second trimester, I started to have the habit of waking up at night. In most cases, I woke up because of urination. After waking up, it is more difficult for a person to fall asleep, especially when I am a little hungry at this time. Eat so much, lie down hungry.

I really think that waking up at night is a big deal, so I consulted the doctor during the obstetrical examination. The doctor suggested that it is best not to drink water within two hours before going to bed. After waking up at night, listen to your favorite song, close your eyes and immerse in the song Try not to let yourself think too much, people can fall asleep quickly in a relaxed state. I went back and tried it. This method is very effective. At least every time I wake up, I don't feel irritable.

Dreams often

Fetal dreams are not reliable, and there is no scientific explanation so far, but people often say that "thinking about the day and dreaming at night" makes sense. When I was pregnant, I often dreamed, but when I woke up, my brain was confused and I only vaguely remembered the impressive scenes. The first thing every morning was to use my mobile phone to check my dreams at night. I hope to get an explanation that pleases me.

Every time I see a good dream interpretation, I will share it with my husband, but he insists that I have poor sleep quality, which will lead to dreams. My husband took me to the hospital. The doctor saw that my mental state was not good and confirmed that I had poor sleep quality. The doctor advised me: Don’t think about it, keep a good mood every day, without psychological pressure, you can reduce the frequency of dreaming.

Night sweats

Especially for pregnant mothers in the third trimester in summer, sweating at night is more obvious, I have a deep experience. There is a saying: "My life is given by the air conditioner". That's right. When I was in the third trimester, I couldn't sleep if I didn't turn on the air conditioner. I turned on the air conditioner when I fell asleep. My husband would secretly turn it off at night. The air conditioner turns on the fan, and I often wake up, everything from clothes to hair is soggy.

I was sweating a lot and I had to go to the hospital for examination. I was afraid that the fetus would have problems. The doctor suggested that I usually supplement my nutrition, eat more fruits and vegetables, choose cotton fabrics for my pajamas, and take a bath before going to bed. The doctor also said before leaving A sentence: "Heart quiet and natural cool" makes me speechless.

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