Saturday, July 4, 2020

Pregnant mothers doing this in the summer may cause the fetus to develop slowly?

What are the best things to avoid for pregnant mothers in hot summer days?

1. Stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time

In the scorching sun, pregnant mothers are very afraid of heat, so they will naturally turn on the air conditioner at home. Although it is very comfortable to stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, I still want to advise pregnant mothers, it is best not to do so, because it is not good for the fetus. The temperature in the air-conditioned room is very low, which makes it easy for pregnant women to catch a cold, and it also delays the metabolism of pregnant women, which can cause the fetus to develop slowly.

Suggestions: Pregnant mothers can choose to go for a walk in the morning or evening, when the weather is not too hot, even if they sweat a little, it is also very good for the body. If you really want to stay in the air-conditioned room, it is necessary to increase the temperature of the air conditioner, it is best to use the dehumidification mode.

2. Use mosquito repellent products such as mosquito coils and mosquito repellent

The weather is getting hotter and mosquitoes are gradually increasing. Without any anti-mosquito measures at night, when I woke up during the day, I was bitten by a big bag sometime, and it was particularly itchy. However, pregnant mothers should never use mosquito coils or mosquito repellent. These products basically contain things that affect the development of the fetus. Even if they are tasteless, they may also affect the fetus.

Recommendations: If pregnant mothers want to prevent mosquitoes during sleep, it is best to use mosquito nets, which is the most healthy and effective method. If you are going for a walk, you can buy some vitamin b1 and dissolve it in the water. Before going out, spray it on the arms, legs and other parts. Because mosquitoes hate this smell very much, they can also play a good anti-mosquito effect. And there are no side effects on the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

3. Eat cold drinks

In hot weather, pregnant mothers sometimes like to eat some chilled watermelons or drink some cold drinks to keep them cool. Although the pregnant mother is very comfortable when eating, it will affect the health of herself and the fetus. Foods that are too cold can cause gastrointestinal discomfort in pregnant mothers and even cause diarrhea in pregnant mothers. It will also cause some symptoms such as frequent fetal restlessness and restlessness.

Suggestion: No matter how hot the pregnant mothers are, do not eat those things that are too cold. Eating those things is very bad for themselves and the fetus. When thirsty, boiled water is the best natural drink for pregnant mothers.

Pregnant mothers must pay attention to these things that should not be done in summer. When pregnant mothers have these behaviors, it will not only affect their own health, but also harm the fetus in the body. Therefore, for the health of themselves and the fetus, pregnant mothers are better off blowing air conditioning, do not use mosquito coils and mosquito repellent liquids with irritating smells, and do not eat cold drinks.

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