Thursday, July 9, 2020

Pregnancy sex life love love posture Daquan

For sexual life during pregnancy, general doctors suggest that it is not advisable to share a room within the first three months of pregnancy and after 37 weeks of late pregnancy. Of course, the frequency of sexual life and postures of sex after pregnancy are also particular. Today's editor will share love with you Posture Daquan, see what pregnant women need to pay attention to the posture of sex.

1. Daquan love and posture during pregnancy

1. Spoon

The woman lay on her side, and the man entered her body from behind, her body close to the woman. The advantage of this position is that it does not cause any pressure on the abdomen of the woman, and is especially suitable for women in the second trimester. The man should embrace the woman intimately, caress her breasts, and kiss her shoulders, neck and back.

2. Leapfrog

The woman knelt on the bed, her legs separated as far as possible, her body leaned forward, and the man entered the woman's body from the rear. The man loves the woman's back and controls the depth of the thrust For women who can’t bear the weight of men at first, this posture is more appropriate, which can protect your abdomen from excessive impact.

3. Straddle

This formula is suitable for women in the middle of pregnancy. When the sexual desire begins to become strong and the traditional posture can no longer be adopted, it is time to think of the cross-legged style. Sit on the man's thigh with his legs crossed and support himself with his hands. The man can help the woman move up and down. If the woman is tired, you can adjust the pace to slow down.

2. Attention during sex during pregnancy

1. Personal hygiene before love

Everyone knows that not paying attention to hygiene can easily lead to bacterial infections, so generally pay more attention. But at the same time, hand hygiene is often overlooked by everyone. In fact, when making love, if unclean hands come into contact with sex organs, it will also cause bacterial infections, so before making love, you should fully wash your palms and nails, and cultivate the habit of cutting nails frequently.

2. Don’t foreplay too much

Some pregnant women may cause abdominal swelling due to excessive nipple stimulation, so try to avoid over-stroking the chest. Especially when there is a phenomenon of the nipple flowing out of the liquid, it is best not to further stimulate the breast. In addition, the posture of having sex should try to avoid touching the vagina too violently.

3. Choose a position that does not oppress the abdomen, and the husband's movements should be gentle

If one position makes you feel pain, hard work, or abdominal pressure, do not force yourself to endure, but should immediately change to another position. In addition, semen contains prostaglandins that cause the uterus to contract. Therefore, pregnant women who have had a caesarean section or premature delivery or pregnant women who are swollen in the abdomen, it is best to let the husband wear a condom when having sex.

4. If you feel very painful, you need to temporarily interrupt

If you feel swelling or pain in the abdomen, you should temporarily break for a while. After the swelling disappears, you can continue to have sex. In addition, pregnant women sometimes feel uncomfortable due to a drop in blood pressure when lying on their backs. At this time, they should also temporarily take a break and adjust the body to the left and right. The discomfort will slowly disappear.

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