Wednesday, July 1, 2020

"Pregnancy becomes a shrew", bad mood during pregnancy is not the fault of pregnant women

Yesterday, my girlfriends quarreled with her husband and drove him out of the house most of the night. According to her husband: "My clothes and shoes were thrown downstairs from the window. She was pregnant and she became a shrew!" My girlfriend is now 6 months pregnant. Her temper is getting bigger day by day since pregnancy. Husband is in trouble. The girlfriend's husband is also a good-tempered person, understanding her hardship in pregnancy, but often so noisy, making him want to divorce.

In fact, bad mood during pregnancy is really not the fault of the pregnant mother. The following stimuli are the key.

Progestin stimulation

After pregnancy, stimulated by progesterone, the mood of the pregnant mother will change somewhat from before pregnancy. Because, after pregnancy, under the action of progesterone, pregnant mothers will have insomnia, chest swelling, abdominal pain, drowsiness, etc., which seriously disrupts the past life and rest, and the physical state is not as good as before. Some pregnant mothers will become sensitive and depressed because of pregnancy, because a little thing will be sulking and sad. And if the emotion is too bad, it will vent to the people around it, and then cry and throw things, it is really a bit like a "shrew".

At this time, the pregnant mother's family should not blindly blame and blame, but should be more considerate, more enlightened, more accompany her. If left unchecked, or quarreling with the pregnant mother, it will make the pregnant woman's mood worse and not good for fetal development. Therefore, when the pregnant mother loses her temper, her family, especially her husband, should never again reason with the pregnant mother and talk about fairness as before pregnancy. Everything should be based on the safety of the pregnant woman and the fetus. Of course, if it is too serious, the pregnant mother can't stand it herself, so you should see a psychiatrist in time.

Stimulation of morning sickness

It is said that morning sickness is not a disease, and vomiting is fatal. Pregnant mothers must not underestimate morning sickness. If you vomit too much, it will also affect your emotions. My cousin was suffering from morning sickness, couldn't eat enough food, couldn't sleep well, and was in full fire every day. I saw who was annoying and who was arrested and scolded. Therefore, as soon as her morning sickness was uncomfortable, the whole family hid away, and they could not escape, and served tea and water beside them. Later, during her pregnancy, her emotions gradually improved, and her family's life was better.

Therefore, if the father-in-law finds that his daughter-in-law has a bad temper during the morning sickness reaction, she should also be considerate. Don’t confront her head-on, prepare some light meals for her, and buy some fruits to relieve morning sickness, so that you can rarely see a few shrews go viral.

Stimulation of body pain during pregnancy

This stimulus is usually in the third trimester, when the fetus is increasing, the uterus squeezes the internal organs, and the pregnant woman's body is bulky. Like some pregnant mothers, the tail vertebrae will hurt during the third trimester, neither sitting nor standing, nor lying down, and then the body pain will make the mood very anxious and the temper will naturally become larger. In addition, body pains such as low back pain, swollen legs, and finger joint pain will also stimulate the emotions of the pregnant mother, and the family should find ways to relieve her.

In fact, pregnant in October, pregnant women are the hardest both physically and mentally. Family care and consideration will make pregnant mothers feel better. In this way, it is also very helpful to ease its bad mood. Especially prospective dads, don’t just accuse the daughter-in-law of being a “shrew,” be more caring and considerate.

Pregnant mothers, are you grumpy during pregnancy? What did your husband say about you?

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