Thursday, July 2, 2020

People here tell you that these types of caesarean section are more "sour" than normal delivery

Indeed, many people now say that childbirth is too painful, and even some men who have experienced labor pains say that they can't stand it until level 3. Therefore, many expectant mothers are frightened, and they directly choose C-section when considering birth. But is it really the best option to go to a caesarean section for fear of pain? The person who came here told you that these types of pain caused by cesarean section are actually more "sour" than normal delivery.

Pain about anesthesia

I remember that before my caesarean section, the doctor gave me anesthesia, I turned my back to him, and then felt a little pain when the anesthesia needle passed through the meat on my waist. But when the needle was injected into the spine, it was so painful, I couldn't help shouting. The doctor said, "Be patient first, and it won't hurt anymore." Fortunately, I soon became unconscious. It may be that I am intolerant of pain, so I am afraid of giving birth, but I did not expect that the caesarean section would be so "sour".

In addition, when anesthesia is used, those women who are too fat may still feel the pain of contractions after the anesthetic is injected, and even the pain of surgery. The reason may be that they are too fat and the fat is too thick, so that the doctor is not sure about the location of the anesthetic. The pain of this anesthetic error is also quite unbearable. There are also women who are intolerant to anesthesia who still feel pain if they are given more anesthetics. They are really suffering from caesarean section.

Pain in the stomach after delivery

Many treasure mothers who have a caesarean section should have experienced the pain of the doctor's stomach pressing after delivery. The pressure on the stomach is actually to help the maternal discharge lochia. I turned around and had some blood when I saw red before. I only pressed it twice after delivery, and the doctor didn't press it again. But a friend of mine, the doctor pressed her three or four times, and also pressed for two days. It seems that because of her caesarean section in advance, the situation of discharging lochia is not very good, so only the doctor pressed to promote lochia. The mothers who have experienced all know that the knife edge still hurts after childbirth, especially after the anesthetic medicine, after the pressure, it was so painful that it took a breath. Therefore, this "sourness" of pressing the stomach is really not much better than the pain of contraction and tearing of the birth.

Pain after getting out of bed

After a cesarean section, the doctor will generally ask to remove the urinary catheter 24 hours later, and then ask the mother to get out of bed properly when she is fine. I remember that I was well recovered at that time. After pulling out the urinary catheter the next day, with my husband's help, I walked to the toilet by myself. But when walking, it is particularly difficult: First, postpartum physical weakness and dizziness, the step is very boring. The second is that the effects of anesthetics and analgesic pumps have subsided. With a little movement, the blade is particularly painful, not to mention walking hard. It is really painful to tears every step of the way. However, if you don’t go, the doctor said that getting out of bed as early as possible can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help exhaust gas, prevent constipation, and more importantly, prevent lower limb venous thrombosis. If you are afraid of pain, or a parturient woman in poor physical condition, you should get out of bed and walk 3-5 days later. This kind of "acidity" must be experienced, can not escape.

Therefore, cesarean section is not easier than normal delivery, pregnant mothers should choose the production method according to the doctor's recommendation.

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