Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Pediatrician: Whether the child is short or long, mainly depends on these points

In this era of looking at faces and legs, height is undoubtedly an important threshold, especially for boys. Therefore, the height of the baby has become the focus of parents. Each child's development is different. Some children are much younger than their peers, but they don't grow up after a certain age; some children only fiercely go up when they are 15 or 16 years old. How can you tell if your child is late or short? Mainly looking at these three points, parents pay attention to it in advance, otherwise it will be late.

1. Genetics

A large part of the child's height is determined by the height of the parents, accounting for about 70%. Generally, the height of the parent determines the height of the child, although there are very few exceptions.

Second, bone age

After the bone age is closed, the child will no longer grow. When the child is over 10 years old, you can pay close attention to the growth of the child's height. If you grow slowly, you must go to the hospital to see if the bone age is closed.

3. Environment

The height of the parents cannot be changed. If you want the child to grow taller, it depends on the remaining 30% of the environmental factors. The environmental factors are divided into the following 4 types:

1. Food

This is one of the important factors influencing height, but not high nutrition, the higher the child's height. Especially when ingesting too much protein and oil, it may allow the gonads to develop early, and under the action of sex hormones, it will lead to the early closure of bone age. What we should guarantee is the balanced nutrition of the children. Don’t eat too much fat, ham, animal offal and nut foods. Make sure that you get all the nutrients. You can also give your children calcium.

2. Sports

When a person is exercising, the hypothalamus pituitary will promote the secretion of growth hormone, and growth hormone is an important factor to promote human growth. You can usually take your kids to play basketball, get up and run in the morning, learn to swim and so on. But everything should have a degree, excessive exercise is detrimental to growth. Experiments have shown that athletes stop height during the season.

3. Sleep

Growth hormone exhibits pulsatile secretion, that is, it mutates in a short time, and then quickly returns to the initial value. The secretion level is very low during the day and will not reach its peak until night. So from 10 pm to 2 am, it is best to let your child go into deep sleep, which is also the most concentrated time for growth hormone secretion. Parents watch their children during the day and don’t let him sleep too much, leading to not sleeping at night. Do not give your child too much food before going to bed (except during lactation), otherwise it will increase the child's gastrointestinal tract workload and can not let the child enter deep sleep. In addition, the lack of vitamin D will also prevent children from going to deep sleep. Usually, they can take the children out to get some sun. Parents should not let their children develop the habit of not sleeping without light. At the beginning, they create a private sleeping environment for children. Turning on the light to sleep can not enter deep sleep, and the state of light sleep does not help the secretion of growth hormone.

4. Mood

A happy mood can also promote height growth. Parents should not force children to do things they don’t like. Of course, it is not to say that you are completely used to children, but to pay attention to methods and methods in education. We should also spend more time with our children to create a happy and healthy family environment for them.

Parents can make a height wall at home, always detect the height of the child, and seek medical treatment in time if problems are found, so that the child can grow healthier.

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