Monday, July 6, 2020

Pay attention to this matter in the third trimester

The pregnant mothers have broken amniotic fluid. You should pay attention to these two points:

1. Don't mistake the broken amniotic fluid as frequent urination

When pregnant mothers are in the third trimester, the baby's bladder will become larger and larger, so the bladder of the expectant mother will be more and more oppressed. Therefore, frequent urination will occur at this time. Therefore, when the amniotic fluid of the pregnant mothers is broken, a large part of the pregnant mothers are likely to be mistaken for their own urine wet pants. But pregnant mothers do not have to worry, there are still ways to distinguish between these two. In general, the smell of urine is more pungent, and the smell of amniotic fluid is relatively light, and it may even have some aroma. In addition, pregnant mothers can also use the test paper to test, if it is amniotic fluid, then the test paper will show a dark green.

2. Don’t stand after the amniotic fluid is broken

Some pregnant mothers were very scared after the amniotic fluid broke, and they stood all the time, trying to see what was going on. Help mom to say, don't dare to do this. Because when the pregnant mothers break the amniotic fluid, they still adopt a standing posture, which can easily cause the amniotic fluid of the pregnant mothers to be lost. This will also cause embarrassment of the fetus in the uterus and even fetal suffocation. At this time, pregnant mothers must first calm down, lie down on their own while relaxing their mood. At this time, you can ask your family to help you to see how much amniotic fluid flows. If there are many, after lying down, you should put a pillow on your hips to prevent prolapse of the umbilical cord. The amniotic fluid is prematurely broken, which often means that the baby is about to be born. It is best for pregnant mothers to go to the hospital at this time to wait for delivery.

In normal times, pregnant mothers should always be vigilant about the premature rupture of amniotic fluid:

Because after the amniotic fluid flows out, the pregnant mother's uterus will become smaller, which will continue to stimulate the contraction of the uterus, affecting the process of its own birth process, as well as the blood circulation of the placenta. In severe cases, it will cause fetal hypoxia. Therefore, in normal times, expectant mothers must do a good job in preventing the premature rupture of amniotic fluid, and should go to the hospital regularly for obstetric examination. At the same time, don't let yourself be too tired, stay away from strenuous exercise, don't do long-distance running and running. In addition, during the last critical period, pregnant mothers should never have sex.

The amniotic fluid broke this early, and the mother helped you to say this. In the hearts of pregnant mothers, you must have a mentality about this matter. If it happens, don’t panic. Once confirmed, first let yourself lie down. Raise your hips with a pillow. At the same time, pay attention to the cleaning of the vulva, and put a clean sanitary napkin on the vulva. Finally, it is recommended that pregnant mothers go to the hospital immediately, whether they have reached their due date or not. If it's just about due date, then be ready to welcome your baby!

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