Thursday, July 2, 2020

Pay attention to these two things before entering the delivery room, which will make your production process half easier!

One. Avoid several foods

Although it is said that before the birth, the pregnant mother only needs to guarantee two things, one is to eat nutrition and the other is to get enough sleep, but for many novice mothers, some foods that should not be eaten can not be ignored . There are indeed several kinds of food that may be loved in daily life, but try to avoid it during the prenatal period. Otherwise, the doctor will be embarrassed.

1. Eat less food that contains a lot of dietary fiber

Constipation can occur during pregnancy, so it is generally recommended to use foods that contain a lot of dietary fiber, such as oat vegetables. But before delivery, it is necessary to reduce the possibility of eating these foods. If you eat these foods before delivery, it will promote gastrointestinal motility, so that the food is quickly digested, and the bowel movement becomes fast and smooth.

What we all know is that giving birth to children is a hard thing. It takes a lot of time and energy. In the production process, it must use strong energy, so it is inevitable to exhaust or even bring out feces. Therefore, mothers who are about to give birth should know that they should eat as few meals as possible before delivery and try not to overeat. But it is necessary to eat because production is an individual effort.

2. Don't eat food that makes you bloated

What are the flatulent foods? For example, spicy and deep-fried foods can cause pregnant mothers to suffer from flatulence. In addition, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, eggs and other high-protein foods are also very easy to cause flatulence. The consequence of flatulence is that it is not conducive for the mother to exert force on the delivery bed, because the stomach is flattened, which is not conducive to production, and the constant exhaustion during the production process not only embarrasses herself, but also embarrasses the doctors.

two. To the restroom

According to scientific reports: the location of the uterus is very special. The back is the rectum and the front is the bladder. After a period of pregnancy, the uterus will grow with the growth and development of the fetus. The uterus of a pregnant woman in the month can weigh 1-2 kg and the volume can reach 5000 liters. When the uterus grows, it will squeeze the bladder and rectum, reducing the tension of the rectum and weakening the peristalsis of the rectum. During birth, the uterus will produce a strong contraction, if the surrounding is too heavy, it will inevitably affect the uterine contraction.

For example, when the rectum is full of stool, when the bladder is full of urine, the uterine contraction will definitely be affected, and the fetus will be difficult to descend, which may eventually cause the uterine opening to fail; the fetal head will press the bladder and anal sphincter for a long time. , So that sphincter paralysis leads to postpartum urinary retention and postpartum difficulty in stool. Emptying the urine can also prevent the mother from involuntarily spilling the stool and contaminating the vulva due to the increase in abdominal pressure. Therefore, emptying stool and small can reduce the chance of bacterial infection in the birth canal.

Pregnancy is a long process, and so is the birth, but these small details are not deliberately ignored. Make these preparations before entering the delivery room to ensure foolproof and escort to the last second during pregnancy. I believe everyone will eventually have their own healthy and cute baby.

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