Thursday, July 2, 2020

Obstetricians and Gynecologists: Maternities with these characteristics are not recommended for breastfeeding

1. Baoma with genetic diseases

Family genetic disease is a common disease that is difficult to eradicate. This disease is often caused by genetic problems. Although the chance of cure for genetic disease is small, we parents cannot break the jar because of some diseases. It is not to rule out the possibility of increased breastfeeding, so we must report our physical condition to our doctor in time after giving birth, or carry out corresponding examination to confirm that our baby is in good condition and whether the mother is suitable After breastfeeding, determine whether breastmilk will adversely affect your baby's body before deciding whether to adopt breastfeeding.

2. Baby's body intolerance

The term intolerance may not have been heard by many mothers. Here we will help you to make a simple analogy for you. I believe everyone has heard the word "allergy". Intolerance is actually similar to the principle of allergy, but it is only a different degree. Babies who are intolerant to breast milk may have adverse reactions after drinking breast milk. For example, diarrhea and loss of appetite. In very rare cases, the baby will be allergic to breast milk. At this time, the baby's own situation determines that it is not possible to use breastfeeding methods for raising. Bao mothers should pay attention to it. You can drink medical milk powder Or it is the old way of drinking rice soup to raise children.

3. Patients with hepatitis

Some Baoji mothers have the virus of liver disease. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention. When there is no inheritance for the child to escape, do not infect the child through breastfeeding. Hepatitis patients themselves have certain health risks. To be able to give birth to a healthy baby, you must cherish it carefully, and don’t let the liver disease virus have an opportunity. At this time, you must take timely measures. If you can vaccinate your baby, vaccinate quickly. Both Baoma and your baby should be checked regularly to ensure that Physical health. The presence of liver disease in the mother may also affect the fetus, so be careful not to let the child become a carrier of the hepatitis B virus. As parents, we should try our best to give the child a healthy body and block the virus before the next generation.

In fact, these situations are not so common, and we may never hear who gave birth in our lives, but the mother’s body or the baby’s body is suitable for breastfeeding. This is not groundless. Existence makes sense. We Every parent hopes to give the child a healthy body and a bright future for the baby, so we can’t just follow the tradition and forget science, we must correctly understand our physical condition from the medical point of view, and correctly understand the baby’s physical condition, Do your best to protect your baby.

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