Friday, July 10, 2020

Notes on having sex with girls for the first time

The first intimate contact between men and women is always full of expectations, because in love, we all hope to get closer to the people we like. The first intimate contact included holding hands, hugging, kissing, and even making love. So what should you pay attention to when having sex with a girl for the first time?

1. Notes on having sex with girls for the first time

1. Maintain the correct mentality

Since women who love for the first time usually do not have or have very few sex experiences, men should be proactive and help enlighten her so that the two can better cross Wushan together. Women may be nervous when they start having sex because of shyness or lack of experience.

At this time, don't be too anxious. Take your time and gently undress her to remove her tension. It is also because of shyness that he cannot enter the state quickly. Therefore, you should do a foreplay and do more manipulation of sensitive parts, so that women can enter the state of indulgence better, so as to facilitate sex.

2. Choose the right posture

In addition, if a woman cannot cooperate with a man because of inexperience, shyness, etc. when having sex for the first time, if the man still adopts the way of getting on the female side at this time, it will be very troublesome, and even the vaginal opening will not be found. Especially in the case of men who also have insufficient sexual experience. Therefore, it is better to use a method that is more comfortable for both parties and allows sex to be made relatively quickly.

For example, if your girlfriend is sitting on the edge of a wide and flat desktop, with your legs spread apart, and you are standing facing her, then the girlfriend’s pussy is directly facing your penis, and you can clearly see the woman’s pussy, which can be quickly Find the vagina and insert it into the penis easily, so that the penis can be inserted better.

3. Don't play new tricks at the beginning

Since a woman has less love experience for the first time, she should remind her how to pose when making love, and not just to be boring. In terms of specific methods, it is best to use only common methods of making love, and not to use some rare and alternative ways of making love at the beginning. This may make women feel scared or disgusted. Wait until there are more sexes between the two, and then slowly adopt other exciting and rare methods of making love, so that women will be more accustomed.

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