Thursday, July 2, 2020

Not everyone is suitable for corset after childbirth, what should I use?

Not everyone is suitable to use a girdle after childbirth. Only use the following three conditions. Moreover, the conventional girdle is not used, but the medical girdle up to the breast, under the phalanx (that is, the junction of the thigh root and lower abdomen). Below, the obstetrician will announce to us one by one:

Abdominal drooping

In addition to slimming, many women wear a girdle after childbirth to prevent the internal organs from sagging. But the doctor said that for a healthy mother who is also a baby, the bellyband does not need to be tied. Because the uterus and big belly can return to normal after birth, the use of abdominal belts cannot speed up their recovery. Therefore, only those mothers with obvious abdominal sagging, very loose abdominal walls, and visceral and abdominal fat visibly shaking when walking, are suitable for tying up the belt. Furthermore, the tightly wrapped medical girdle mentioned above should also be used. However, it must be removed before going to bed at night to avoid squeezing the uterus and affecting the normal breathing of Baoma when sleeping.

Pubic symphysis

A mother said, "I caused a 2 cm separation of the pubic symphysis during delivery, and it was difficult to turn over 42 days after delivery. Later, it was very painful to stand on one leg, bend over, and stretch my legs. Then the doctor suggested that I tie the belt Slightly relieved the pain." Yes, the separation of the pubic symphysis after birth is also one of the symptoms that the obstetrician applies to the abdominal band. Those with severe pain after pubic symphysis separation can also go to the hospital for a special look. Now doctors are using pelvic correction belts to help women with this symptom after physical delivery for physical fixation correction treatment. Therefore, don't buy the girdle blindly after you give birth to your mother, lest you not be tied up and suffer more.

Abdominal incision

A friend of mine brought a postoperative corset belt commonly used in hospitals after a cesarean section, but she recovered quickly and was so thin that she couldn’t use the corset belt in less than 2 weeks. She thought she had recovered, so she didn't pay much attention when she got up, turned over, forced, and coughed. As a result, her abdominal incision accidentally split. There was no way but to go to the hospital for a second suture, and then the doctor gave her a special medical corset belt up to the breast, under the phalanx. This time, she didn't care any more, and tied her girdle honestly every day.

Therefore, don't use the corset belt blindly after giving birth. The conventional corset belt will make you suffer, and the effect will make your heart cool. Because the uterus and abdomen have a certain recovery period for cesarean delivery and caesarean section, the key is that Baoma should pay attention to a balanced diet and proper exercise. If you only hope for a small corset, you will only make yourself exhausted.

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