Thursday, July 2, 2020

Newborns have these kinds of manifestations, it is likely that the cervical spine is injured

1. The baby suddenly cries back and cries

If the baby cries, we usually pick up the child, and many children will stop crying unconsciously. But we can't hold him all the time. After a while, our arms will feel very numb, and we want to put the child on the bed. Because we were too tired to pay attention to the child's posture, he tilted his head back and cried. At this time, the baby's cervical spine is likely to be injured.

We all know that newborn babies are very fragile and need our careful care. At this time, his cervical spine was not fully developed, and his head weighed about one-third of his body. He had no strength to support this weight. Therefore, when you put the baby on the bed, pay special attention to supporting the baby's head and gently put the baby on the bed to prevent the baby's cervical spine from being injured.

Second, the baby's head has no support

Many babies like to be held by adults, crying as soon as they are put down, which makes adults very helpless. Therefore, holding the baby is also a very hard thing for adults. You can't hold your child in a posture all the time, so you will feel particularly tired. There may be several postures between you to hold the child. During this period, it is easy for the baby's cervical spine to be injured. You didn't notice the baby's head when changing posture, and the baby's head could not bear the weight due to the loss of support at once, and accidentally injured the cervical spine.

So after you change your posture, the baby will cry more and more, and you can't coax it, maybe the baby's cervical spine was injured. When we do this, we must pay special attention to the baby's head. When other people want to hug the baby, these precautions should also be explained clearly.

3. Sit well, stand bad, cry when you move

As the baby grows up, he will slowly start to practice sitting alone. At the appropriate age, let him sit alone, and he will not practice for a long time, and he will cry more than once. At this time, his mother may have to improve Be wary, is there something wrong with the child's cervical spine? Don't ignore it. It's better to go to the hospital for a check and listen to the doctor's advice.

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