Friday, July 3, 2020

New mothers must keep these taboos in mind in the first week after delivery

After a long month of pregnancy in October and the delivery, the new mothers thought they could finally relax. What I didn't dare to do for fetal treasure before, but now I can finally do it, there is a relief of happiness. But this is a big mistake. During confinement, especially one week after childbirth, a lot of things are on the blacklist. It is absolutely a taboo that cannot be done. The damage to the body is very great. And it is even more difficult to recover. So what can't be done? Let's take a look with the mother.

Taboo one: in a bad mood

Some new mothers have no experience in giving birth for the first time. To take care of crying babies day and night, but also tolerate physical pain, body shape loss, hair loss, quarrels with her husband and other annoyances, moody and irritable, even complaining of self-esteem, weeping. The mood has always been so low, not only will the new mother produce postpartum depression, it will also affect the body's recovery, and even affect the secretion of milk. She often shed tears, especially when it hurts her eyes during the confinement, and she will have tears and dry eyes in the future. New mothers must pay attention to the adjustment of their mentality and strengthen the control of self-suggestion and self-mindset. The new father must also understand the new mother, help the new mother, care for and pamper her, and some things must bear each other.

Taboo 2: Wash your hair with cold water

Cold water shampooing is also very damaging to our usual lives, not to mention the new mother who has just given birth to the baby, and the body is even more damaged and particularly weak. At this time, you must pay attention to maintenance. You must always use hot water for washing and shampooing. After washing your hair, you should also use a hair dryer to dry your hair. Do not tie or loose your wet hair. This can easily invade the head with wet evils, which can cause headaches in the future. It may even catch cold and make the body weaker. The new mother must pay attention to maintenance, and the new father must also remember to remind the new mother.

Taboo 3: Overwork

The new mother's post-natal training must be in place, remember not to overwork. Especially bending over to lift heavy objects and doing some rough work, etc., will cause damage to the body, especially the lumbar spine is easy to sprain and muscle strain. For new mothers whose bodies have not recovered and some wounds have not recovered. Improper force will cause the wound to crack and internal bleeding, which is not conducive to the recovery of the body. New mothers must pay attention to rest, supplement nutrition in a timely manner, and adjust the body.

Taboo 4: Wear thin underwear

In order to restore their post-partum figure, some new mothers who love the beauty chose to wear thin underwear and plastic underwear within a few days after the birth. As everyone knows, the body has not recovered well during this time. Wearing these tight-fitting clothes too early will squeeze the abdominal cavity and chest, which is not conducive to wound recovery, especially for new mothers who have a caesarean section. . Therefore, new mothers must pay attention to body care, it is best to wear these plastic underwear after the confinement.

Taboo 5: Drink brown sugar for a long time

Although brown sugar water can add energy to the new mother and replenish the lost blood, drinking brown sugar water for a long time will not only burden the new mother's teeth, but also make the body weaker. Constant sweating, blood sugar, and blood circulation will also increase blood discharge from lochia, causing anemia in the new mother. Therefore, drinking brown sugar water also needs to pay attention to drink in moderation rather than excessive.

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