Friday, July 3, 2020

Near the expected date of delivery, experienced pregnant mothers will do these 4 things

The expectant mother who is pregnant for the first time usually feels more nervous than excited when the expected date of delivery is near. I don’t know what to do before the expected date. It is also easy to move around when you are near the expected date. .

But the closer to the expected date of delivery, the less likely mothers who are experiencing pregnancy for the first time are idle. Some experienced expectant mothers have a lot of things to do at this time, instead of stupidly waiting for the expected date to be learned and prepared There are a lot more.

Learn the knowledge needed for childbirth

To put it bluntly, the prospective mother who experienced pregnancy for the first time is an out-and-out layman in the face of having a baby. A lot of knowledge related to it needs to be learned.

For example, when the fetus enters the basin, how does the body feel when entering the basin; when to go to the hospital for labor, what needs to be noted when waiting for labor in the hospital, etc. These problems are all understood before the expected date of delivery. When you really face this problem, you won't panic.

Always pay attention to the condition of the fetus

The weeks before the expected date of delivery are particularly important for expectant mothers. During these few birth tests, the doctor will check whether the fetus has been put into the pelvis, and monitor the fetal heart rate to determine the development status at this time. According to the position of the fetus to determine the expectant mother's way during delivery and so on.

Therefore, communication with the doctor is particularly important at this time. If you encounter any problems while waiting for the expected date of delivery at home, you can also communicate with the doctor in time during the birth inspection, which can also ease your nervousness.

Make sure you get enough sleep

Childbirth is a physically exhausting thing after all. Having enough sleep before childbirth can ensure that your body can rest. But at this time most expectant mothers have difficulty falling asleep because of physical reasons. You can choose some postures that will make you feel more comfortable and take a rest as much as possible.

Prepare the waiting bag to be taken to the hospital

This is an essential thing for expectant mothers to go to the hospital for delivery. There should be many expectant mothers who have already started preparing one or two months in advance. At this time, you can check and check what is missing.

Therefore, the expectant mother can't let herself "free" as she reaches the expected date of delivery. Does this make me feel that I have a lot to do before giving birth?

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