Thursday, July 2, 2020

Mother has these 3 advantages, it is easier to pass on to her son

The arrival of the lovely baby is a happy event for the whole family. Adults will often observe the appearance of their children, and then draw various conclusions while watching. What kind of eyes are like mothers, and noses are like fathers, parents who often hear these words are still very happy.

The baby's appearance is derived from genetic inheritance. Indeed, the children are born to parents, the genes come from parents, and it is normal to look like parents. The arrival of the baby is the crystallization of the love of father and mother, but also the continuation of life. Some of the characteristics of the son are more with the mother. These three "features" of the mother are more likely to be passed on to the son.

1. IQ

Parents want their children to be smart and agile. IQ comes from inheritance, and genes are chromosomes. Because the IQ gene is on the X chromosome, and the combination of the baby’s chromosomes is the X and Y chromosomes, the X chromosome is given by the mother. Therefore, the son is a genetic mother, and the IQ of the baby boy born by the mother with high IQ will not be too low!

If the child is under the care of her mother, the mother's role is obviously greater in the process of IQ formation. Of course, Dad’s IQ also has some influence on the child’s IQ, but not as much as Mom’s. Children will inherit half of the genes in their mothers, and their IQs will tend to converge with their mothers more. The emotional quotient and life habits of mothers will affect the babies invisible. So in real life, if the mother is smarter, the IQ of the baby will be higher!

2. Height

In a society that looks at face value, height is really the key. Having a tall person will add a lot to face value. Height is not only related to the child's growth and development, it will also have an impact on the child's employment and later on when talking about marriage. Overall, the son's body is indeed more inclined to the mother's height. In fact, the height of a boy is influenced by his parents, and his mother will have more influence than his father. But height is not so absolute, and height can be changed the day after tomorrow. As the old saying goes, the most important thing that affects a child's height is nutrition. Mothers should ensure that the babies eat a lot, and pay more attention to the balanced nutritional ratio. To ensure the quality of sleep, regular and sufficient sleep is enough. Height, destined for 7 minutes, 3 points by hard work. Parents should not worry too much!

3. Dimple

Is there a small dimple on the baby's cute little face? To a large extent, the gene determined by the mother will be larger. Because the dimple is a dominant genetic feature, that is, as long as the baby's gene pair has a dominant gene in the dimple, then the baby will have it. But on the contrary, without a dimple, it is a recessive gene. Whether it is a handsome baby boy or a beautiful and elegant baby girl, people with dimples will be more charming when they laugh.

So in general, these three characteristics are more likely to be passed on to the son. In addition to the reasons mentioned above, there is also a very important reason, that is, the fetus is developed in the mother's womb. This process will definitely be affected more by Bao Ma, and the development of the fetus during pregnancy will also directly affect the genetic potential of the child.

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