Friday, July 3, 2020

Moms who have passed the birth control ring should pay attention to it at this age

The purpose of our birth control ring in the past was for contraception, so even if we have been suffering from physical damage, we can't avoid it, but we can take it out when we don't need it and stop this physical damage. As we all know, menstruation represents the fertility of women, so we should take out the birth control ring at the age of menopause, not only because of the negative impact of the birth control ring, but also because the female body will change after menopause, and it is no longer suitable to keep the birth control ring .

1. Uterine injury

Everyone should know that the birth control ring uses the foreign body principle to achieve contraception, literally, because placing a foreign body in the uterus can aggravate the inflammation of the endometrium and interfere with the implantation of the fertilized egg. To put it bluntly, the birth control ring can make your uterus constantly inflamed, making it impossible to get pregnant. And the birth control ring is not motionless in your uterus, it will follow your movements, and it will inevitably rub against the uterine wall, which will inevitably cause uterine damage. Therefore, mothers should remove the birth control ring after menopause to avoid uterine injury.

Second, uterine perforation

In general, uterine perforation is mostly caused by improper placement of the birth control ring during surgery, but if the woman does not remove the birth control ring after menopause, it may also cause uterine perforation. This is because the hormones in the body of the woman will change after menopause, and the uterus will slowly shrink with the decrease of hormones. For the birth control ring, the original spacious installation space becomes more and more narrow, and the space becomes smaller. Smaller, it is easy to cause uterine perforation under physical action, and some birth control rings will grow into a ball with the inner wall of the uterus, and then peel off the flesh and take out only to fear more pain.

3. Vaginal bleeding

This bleeding does not represent menstruation, but refers to vaginal bleeding after our menopause, which may be caused by the birth control ring injury into the uterine cavity. When this happens, mothers must immediately go to the hospital to take out, and timely treatment to avoid serious illness. After all, for the human body, the birth control ring is a foreign body, or it is placed in the uterus that is most important to women. Therefore, even if it is just to avoid stomach pain, we must take it out after menopause, so that we can feel at ease.

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