Saturday, July 4, 2020

Mom should never do these things when raising milk

For mothers who are breastfeeding, when conditions permit, they want their baby to eat breast milk. However, there are always some external reasons that make the baby forced to wean. When weaning, in addition to the baby going through a difficult weaning period, the mother also has to endure the pain of rising milk.

So, what can mother do to relieve pain when she is breastfeeding?

1. Refuse lactating food

Since we are going to wean the baby, we can stop eating lactating food. In this way, milk secretion can be reduced. If there is little milk secretion, it will naturally not raise milk, and mother will not be too uncomfortable.

2. Reduce breast irritation

When the breast is stimulated, it will promote the secretion of milk. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid breast irritation as much as possible, which can reduce milk secretion. However, during the weaning period, if the pain of swelling is very severe, a small amount of milking can be done while the areola is softened, which can relieve some of the pain.

3. Pay attention to the method when milking

If the mother does not milk the baby within 3 days before weaning the baby. Then on the fourth day, you can try to squeeze out the remaining milk. After the milk is squeezed out, the pain can be reduced.

In addition to these small tips, mothers may also encounter these problems when raising milk:

1. Can you hold back the milk?

During weaning, if you encounter a swollen milk situation, if you forcefully hold back the milk, it will easily cause mastitis.

Recommendation: When mothers are weaning, it is best to follow the step-by-step principle to gradually reduce the irritation received by the breast. However, if there is no breastfeeding for a long time during the weaning process, a small amount of milking is still needed to properly discharge the milk and relieve the discomfort of milk rising. It is important to note that it is not recommended that mothers use breast pumps.

2. Can I get the milk injection back?

In the clinical aspect, the needle is a hormone. Hitting the milk back will easily cause endocrine disorders in the mother's body. Some mothers may even experience dizziness, nausea, and fatigue.

Suggestion: The feeding needle is a medicine, and it is not recommended for non-essential situations.

3. Can malt water and pepper water help to return milk?

These are foods that help to return milk, but this type of assistance also varies from person to person. Moms can choose to try it when weaning, but it may not always be effective.

Finally, when mothers wean their babies, they must be scientifically weaned. Remember not to use some extraordinary means, such as applying irritating things such as chilli water to the nipple, to wean the baby. This will cause greater psychological and physical harm to the baby. Scientific weaning can make your baby healthier and faster.

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