Thursday, July 2, 2020

Missed the best age for conception?

We all know that the best age for women to conceive is 23-29, but it is not a problem if they are advanced or pushed back one or two years. They are afraid to be over 35 years old. Because pregnant and childbearing belonged to older pregnant women at that time, the physiology and health were weak compared with pregnant women of appropriate age. More importantly, there are more complications in older pregnant women, and the fetus in the abdomen is more likely to be stunted or premature, which can be described as a "double injury" between mother and child.

Therefore, many women have to ask: What should I do if I miss the best conception age? In fact, we do not want the mother and son to be "double injured". We should make the following preparations in advance:

Check before pregnancy, beware of disease

My cousin, who was pregnant unexpectedly at the age of 36, suffered major bleeding after giving birth to her third child. However, at that time, it was produced in the county hospital, and there was a shortage of blood reserves. Finally, the emergency transfer to the hospital saved his life. At that time, relatives and friends were so frightened that they were sweating, and they felt that it was really life-threatening to have children. Later, the doctor said that this kind of massive bleeding was also related to the age of my cousin's pregnancy. And the cousin was also careless at that time, thinking that the first two births were healthy and healthy, and it was an accidental pregnancy, and did not pay much attention to check the physical condition.

In fact, after missing the best age for conception, women's physiology and health may have great problems. Therefore, pre-pregnancy examination, it is particularly important to guard against disease. Pre-pregnancy check, not only six hormones, B-ultrasound check uterus, etc., but also to prevent pregnancy-induced hypertension. Therefore, it is best to do a systemic examination, such as blood sugar, blood pressure, hepatitis B and two, etc., it is best to do it.

Adjust in advance and manage your figure

Missing the best age for conception, women's physical condition is no longer dominant, and preparation for pregnancy is even more careless. This requires us to adjust the body in advance and pay attention to managing the body. Conditioning the body is to get pregnant faster and provide the fetus with the most favorable growth space. Like those with gynecological diseases that affect pregnancy, as well as those with weak constitutions and cold, you should prepare your body in advance when preparing for pregnancy. The main reason for managing the figure is that women who are too fat or too thin are not conducive to pregnancy, especially if they are too fat. After pregnancy, they can easily cause the risk of pregnancy-induced hypertension and diabetes. Therefore, women who miss the best age for conception must not neglect the management of their health and body.

Relax and relieve stress

My sister-in-law, too, was married late and missed the best age for conception. As a result, she couldn't get pregnant for 2 years of pregnancy. Seeing that she was 38 years old, she was even more anxious. However, when they went to the hospital for examination, the couple had no problems. Later, the doctor advised them to relax and go out for fun, but the result was really pregnant. However, because the sister-in-law is an elderly pregnant woman, she is always worried that the fetus is not developing well, and the situation will occur during childbirth. In fact, emotional tension and anxiety during pregnancy, too much pressure, in addition to affecting the normal growth of the fetus, may also lead to developmental deformities. Especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, there is always a high degree of mental tension and poor mood, which may lead to fetal cleft lip and palate. Therefore, we must pay attention to relax and relieve stress after pregnancy and pregnancy.

Therefore, if you miss the optimal conception age, women should be more careful and cautious about pregnancy.

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